It's official! I've decided to go back to school and finish my MBA degree. And I have been accepted to the Florida Institute of Technology!

Coming Soon: Jennifer Meyering, MBA

I'm so excited! But I am also so nervous at the same time.

I have no idea what to expect or even how to prepare for something like this.

Going back to school to get my MBA degree has been something that I have been toying around with since I started and finished my BSNM (Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Medicine) degree. I always knew that I wanted to go to graduate school and get my master's degree but I just didn't quite know what I wanted to major in. Since I was already a healthcare major, it seemed logical to finish my education in Healthcare Administration. However, every time I thought about it I just didn't see myself becoming a healthcare administrator in a hospital and telling people what they can and cannot purchase, order, schedule, whatever. Plus, I didn't want to limit my ability to use the master degree I wanted to pursue. See, with a MHA you can only become a hospital administrator/department head/whatever and I hate having limitations on my abilities.

That's when, after a few long discussions with my husband, I decided it would be logical to finish my MBA. This way, I am not limited to one career path and can really freely choose what I want to do with the degree.

Also, since I already own a business (yes, when you become a coach you own a business) it seemed fitting to finally have a little more of a business background (not that you need it, just that I want it). It will also help in the future when my husband wants to open his own practice. He will be able to see and manage patients and I will run the business side of it.

Makes sense.

Of course this will be a 2 year commitment and there is this class and paper writing and testing thing that I have to worry about. No big deal, right?

Yikes. I'm starting to freak out just thinking about it. I'm not someone that has ever liked school so this will definitely be a challenge but a good challenge and something that will help with my goals and dreams for the future.

Class begins on October 21st… weird, right?.. so I'm just waiting for my books to show up and I'll be ready to go.

I'll keep y'all updated how it's going. Wish me luck!

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