So I did it… I broke down and bought into the fabfitfun subscription box. I have been seeing it all over the internet lately and decided to give it a try.

This is definitely not my first go around with a subscription service or subscription box (whatever you want to call them). I've tried several over the years and it seems like they are just getting more and more popular.

FabFitFun Editor's Box Review

I used to subscribe to several different ones but do not currently have a subscription to any – until this one. I canceled all my memberships to the other ones because I didn't really like that fact that they only gave you sample sizes because I don't really feel like that gives you an accurate opinion of the product in the box.

When I read that the fabfitfun subscription box gave you full sized products I was excited to try it out. Having a full sized product to try and get to use for an extended periods of time definitely gives you the chance to try and see if you like the product.

I also loved the fact that it's only a quarterly box and not monthly. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the different things you get when subscribed to a monthly box and end up getting overwhelmed. I know my cousin is a member of one of the beauty boxes and she has so many lip glosses that she will never actually use them all. So to have time, a few months, to use the product is definitely another plus for this box.

FabFitFun Editor's Box Review

So… with that being said, here's my little review of the items in the editor's box that I got as the first box.

The Created Co. To-Go Coffee Mug

FabFitFun Editor's Box Review

This coffee mug is my new favorite! Not only does it have a super cute saying on the front of the mug, but it's made of plastic.

Yes, I know that a lot of people might be disappointed in that but I actually love it. I have a mug very similar to this that I bought many years ago that I absolutely love but now I can't find them like that. You see mugs like this all over in the stores but they are always made of ceramic now. While that can be a good thing for some people, it's not good for a mom with littles running around. If the ceramic mug slips and drops on the floor it will either crack or break (yes, it's happened).

Also, the ceramic mugs don't have a sleeve, like the ones they put on the mugs from the coffeehouse, so they get super hot and burn your hand. That's the reason regular ceramic mugs have handles – because heat transfers pretty rapidly through ceramic.

With the plastic mug, the heat stays inside the mug, where you want it and you don't end up burning your hand. And if it drops it won't break or crack and then leave glass shards all over the ground.

Modcloth Loch and Key Scarf

FabFitFun Editor's Box Review

This scarf is huge. Literally. It's honestly more like a blanket than a scarf that you wear around your neck. But then again… that's why they call it a blanket scarf, right? haha

With that being said, it's very cozy and keeps you super warm when the wind is blowing and it's below freezing outside. Plus, it's so big that I can make a little hood out of it, if I need to, in case my jacket doesn't have a hood or I forgot my hat – which happens more times than not.

I've also actually used it as a blanket for my kids if they get cold in a restaurant or want a blanket for the car.

The color and pattern are also perfect as the black and white truly goes with everything in my closet and can be thrown on with anything that you're wearing.

O.R.G. Skincare Mineral Peel Face

FabFitFun Editor's Box Review

Since I just received this box a few days ago, I haven't actually had the chance to use this face peel yet. I'm not much up on the trends of beauty or what is supposed to work but this looks fun.

I haven't done a face peel mash at home since I was in high school and that was just he cheap-o face mask that you can get at the drug store. So I'm definitely looking forward to using this. Hopefully soon I can pour a glass of wine, draw a bubble bath, and use this face peel and just give myself some “me time.”

Zoya Nail Polish

FabFitFun Editor's Box Review

This color polish is beautiful and definitely not something that I would buy myself. I tend to go for the darker shades of navy, black, deep purple, or dark red. But getting it in the box definitely go me to try it out and I absolutely love it. It's just a subtle shade of pink and will be perfect for upcoming spring.

FabFitFun Coloring Book & Colored Pencils

FabFitFun Editor's Box Review

Ok, so I seriously do not get the coloring book trend that has been so popular lately. They say it's supposed to help with stress or whatever but to be honest, there is no way that if I'm stressed that I'm going to be picking up a coloring book and coloring.

Plus, I have kids. I don't even have time to catch up on my favorite shows let alone to sit down and color for a few minutes or hours.

If you love to color, cool, then you'll love this addition to the box but it's not for me and I gave this to my 10 year old daughter.

Jook & Nona Tag Necklace

FabFitFun Editor's Box Review

I'm just going to start by saying that I am not a fan of gold jewelry. I have zero gold in my jewelry cabinet as it is nothing that I ever wear. I don't know what it is about gold that I don't like… it's just what it is.

With that being said, I actually recently bought a shirt that has a gold zipper in the front and this necklace looks perfect with it. I thought it looked weird to have a big gold zipper and then wear white gold/silver jewelry with it so I when I would wear the shirt I just wouldn't wear any jewelry. Now I have the perfect necklace to wear with my new favorite shirt.

However, if they ever give me a choice or gold jewelry over something else, I will always pick the something else. haha

Marrakesh Argan & Hemp Hair Oil

FabFitFun Editor's Box Review

I have thin hair and because of that I rarely use hair products. For some reason, whatever I use just makes my hair look greasy and dirty.

But… I also have frizzy, half curly, wavy hair. So, really, I need some kind of frizz treatment in my hair so that when I blow it out it's nice a smooth.

Like I said, most products make my hair look greasy but this one is actually great for my hair. I only use it on the ends and it makes it so much softer and easier to maintain and blow dry. While also keeping my hair nice and frizz free and sleek – even when I decide to curl it.

Manna Kadar Liplocked Priming Gloss Stain

FabFitFun Editor's Box Review

Yay for a full-sized lip gloss/stain. They call this a stain but it's really more a lip gloss as it didn't “stain” my lips and came off after only about an hour of wear.

Because they called it a satin, I had high hopes that it would stay on for a good portion of the day but was sadly disappointed.

However, it is a beautiful color and very similar to what I wear now when I put on makeup – which is less often than it used to be. So this is definitely a good addition and something that will definitely get used.

Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster

FabFitFun Editor's Box Review

Ok, so on the box in the directions of this it says to mix with the dermalogica moisturizer before putting on your skin. Well, there's no moisturizer included so I'm not exactly sure why they would give you something that would require two products to use.

Since I don't have the dermalogica moisturizer, I just added it to my regular moisturizer and I love the way it makes my skin feel. It makes it so soft and definitely feels much more hydrated.

Like I said before, it's only been a couple days since getting this box, so I can't give a true review of long lasting benefits of using it but so far it's great. Definitely something that I will be using fully.

So there you have it… my honest review of the fabfitfun seasonal subscription box. I hope you enjoyed it!

Let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below! Or if you're thinking about trying it out… use any of the links in this post and get $10 of your first box!

FabFitFun Editor's Box Review -

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