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April 2018 Finds

Happy Monday, lovelies! Can you believe it's the last day of April… Already? Seriously where it this year going? I do have to say, tho, that I am super excited…

April 2018 Finds -

Happy Monday, lovelies! Can you believe it’s the last day of April… Already? Seriously where it this year going?

I do have to say, tho, that I am super excited for it to start warming up and have been shopping for more spring and summer styles.

Unlike most people who love fall, spring is actually my favorite time of the year. Fall comes in a close second but growing up in Florida definitely made me love the spring-time much more.

April 2018 Finds

Anyway, like I said… this month is all about the upcoming spring and summer time with a new cute dress and a bunch of spring inspired shoes.

Tulip Hem Tank Dress

April 2018 Finds

This dress is amazing! I have been looking at the designer version of this dress for a few years but I just could not bring myself to pull the trigger at over $50. When I stumbled across this version on Amazon, I bought it right away. This dress is exactly the same as the “original” version but this one comes in about 20 different colors. I am so happy with this purchase that I might just buy a few more.

Luxe Curved Hem Tank

April 2018 Finds

This tank is amazingly soft and has such a beautiful drape. It’s perfect for this in-between time after having the baby but not being back to my goal weight yet because it hides the little pouch perfectly. I’m definitely going to go back and buy more colors.

Aerie Chill Bralette

April 2018 Finds

I think I’ve said before that bralettes are life and I truly mean it. I live in these bralettes because they are that comfortable.

Jessica Simpson Rolled Crop Skinnies

April 2018 Finds

I actually found these jeans at Costco the last time I went and I bought the white and pink ones and I cannot wait to be able to fit into them! The jean material is so soft and stretchy I can already tell these will be in my spring wardrobe rotation a lot.

Donuts Pajama Pants

April 2018 Finds

With a newborn at home, I don’t get out much currently and am living in pajama pants and t-shirts. I found these at Target on the clearance section and bought them immediately… I mean they have donuts on them! Donuts drinking coffee! Plus they are soft and comfy, exactly what the doctor ordered for these first 6 weeks after having a baby.

Flower Pajama Pants

April 2018 Finds

I bought these on a whim from Amazon recently and I definitely do not regret this decision. They are amazingly soft and while they don’t have elastic in the waistband (which is super amazing for c-section recovery) they are stretchy enough to stay up  and not fall down throughout the day. Yes, I wear my pajama pants all day.

Bamboo Glitter Espadrille Flats

April 2018 Finds

When I saw these flats I just couldn’t say no. I mean… glitter. Hello! Did you see the glitter booties (link) and glitter sneakers (link) that I bought earlier this year.

Peep Toe Nude Wedge Sandals

April 2018 Finds

I bought these at the same time as the glitter espadrille flats above mainly for the free shipping. Don’t tell me that you don’t do that… haha. I ended up loving them and realize that they match perfectly with a couple maxi dresses that I already have so they are currently residing in my closet waiting for warmer weather so I can wear them.

Madi Platform Slip-On Sneaker

April 2018 Finds

I bought these because the sneakers I currently have are literally falling apart. The sole is coming off and they just look horrible. It was definitely time for a new pair but I didn’t want to get some that I had to lace up every time I put them on. This momma ain’t got time for that. These slip-on sneakers are so comfy and they look much cuter than a regular pair of sneakers.

Braided Espadrille Wedges

April 2018 Finds

So I guess espadrille is the theme of this post this month but these wedges are life. I know they look super high but once you put them on they are so comfy and they look great with jeans or dresses. I’ve got a meetup with a bunch of old friends coming up and these are the shoes I’m going to wear.

What are some great things you found this month?

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