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Backyard Patio

My husband and I built a patio in our backyard. FINALLY! We've had a cement pad in the back of our house since we bought it and have always wanted…

Backyard Patio -

My husband and I built a patio in our backyard. FINALLY!

Backyard Patio

We’ve had a cement pad in the back of our house since we bought it and have always wanted to finish it off… we just didn’t know how. And I was pregnant so no help there. On a recent trip to Home Depot to pick up a few things, Stefan stopped in the lumber section and talked to someone about building a patio. Next thing I knew he was pulling up in the driveway with a rented truck and all the lumber we needed to finally finish off the patio. Talk about a impulse purchase!

Since my mom was in town helping with our new baby, it was actually the perfect time to get it done because I would help and mom would watch the baby.

I forgot to actually take a before and after picture because when Stefan arrived we just started to get to work. Thanks to my mom for deciding to snap a bunch of pics while we were building.

Backyard Patio

We had to drill holes in the concrete to attach post brackets. This was by far the hardest and most time consuming part of the whole project. After this, everything was easy.

Backyard Patio

Add post, level, attach railing. All the railing was pre-fabricated which made everything even easier.

Backyard Patio

Once all the railing and posts were in place we wanted to do a pseudo pergola so that we could eventually attach a shade sail to the top for a partial shaded area.

Backyard Patio
Backyard Patio

If you can’t tell by the lighting in the photos, it took us all day to finish it but it was well worth the time spent. The past couple weeks I’ve spent time looking for furniture to finish it off and we’ve also planted some plants on the outside to make it look a little less plain.

Backyard Patio
Backyard Patio

There’s the finished project! Whatcha think? I think it turned out quite nice for an afternoon of work and it’s something that we’ll enjoy for the rest of the years that we’re here.

Have you ever tried to build a patio before?

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