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Now that I’m officially done with pregnancy, I’m excited to get back into a normal skincare routine and figuring out what works to control my acne and combat the sings of aging that have begun to show on my face… which I’m sure are all from the kids, haha.

I’m definitely not an expert, but I am certainly a researcher. Now that I’m well over the 30’s hump… I’ve been focusing more and more on my skincare routine and products that work to combat the signs of aging. I’ve become much more avid in learning as much as I can about how to best take care of my skin.

I love getting all dolled up but I’d be lying if I said I was a beauty guru. I do enjoy sharing helpful tips and tricks when it comes to hair, makeup, and skincare that work for me and sharing new products I’ve fallen in love with.

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Loreal Voluminous Primer

Lash primer is life! I used it back when I was in high school and then fell out of the habit. I just picked it up again recently and I don’t even know why I stopped using it in the first place. It makes the mascara go on so much smoother and the lashes looks much fuller and longer. Win.

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Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

I had to change the primer I was previously using because I discovered that all of that brands products were causing some of my acne. As soon as I switched and started using Smashbox instead my face cleared up. So yeah, keeping this around for a while. And it actually helps my foundation go on super smooth and even.

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Beauty Blender

I’m not going to lie… I put off trying this thing forever until I got a free one in my FabFitFun Box recently. This thing is magic. It doesn’t soak up product like all the other sponges out there and it applies your foundation in such a beautiful even layer it’s amazing. I will forever buy this from now on.

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itCosmetics Brow Power

I, unfortunately, was not blessed with super amazing brows with a nice arch or whatnot. I just have a regular, almost straight brow. This pencil fixes all that. It looks amazing, blends seamlessly with my natural brows, and creates a slight arch that I just don’t normally have… I’ve tried other pencils over the years but I just keep coming back to my tried and true.

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Eyelure Baroque Lashes

I honestly only bought lashes because I knew we were going to Vegas. I had probably only worn them a handful of times in my whole life before that. Now I love wearing lashes occasionally to give me a little boost to my thinning lashes.

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Too Faced Shadow Insurance

I started using this not too long after I wrote the last makeup post. I love that it is smooth and creamy and keeps my eyeshadow from falling out or creasing throughout the day.

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Burt’s Bees Glossy Lipstick

I’m not a huge fan of lipstick but I swear by Chapstick because my lips tend to be so dry and chapped all the time. I stumbled upon this one in Meijer on a recent grocery trip and I absolutely love it. It keeps my lips super soft while also providing a little color.

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Rotating Makeup Organizer

I actually bought this to put all my new skincare products (that are currently all over) in on my vanity but it is too wide for the space I had in mind. I love it though and kept it for when we move into our new house and I hopefully have more room.  It holds a ton of products.

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Paul Mitchell Express Unclipped

I have tried many, many different wands and curlers over the years to curl my hair. This is the first wand/curler that I have found that actually works and the curl lasts all day! I will never use another curling wand again.

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itCosmetics CC+ Cream

This is, hands down, the best CC Cream that I have found to-date. It’s so creamy and lightweight but has a great build able coverage if you need it. I will never use another BB, CC or foundation ever again.

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