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Dallas/Fort Worth

We’re moving to Texas!

I am beyond the moon excited for this next chapter in our lives and cannot wait to get out there and begin exploring our new city, town, and neighborhoods.

We went on a trip to Dallas recently for a job interview and to visit some friends and family and absolutely fell in love with it. Something about it just felt like home to us. Of course, Florida will always have our hearts, but it is time to move onto bigger and better things.

I created this category in anticipation of all the amazing things we’re about to discover about our new home. So check back soon and often for a recap of all of our new favorite spots!

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Destin Crossbody 2
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Electronics Accessories Bag

The perfect travel bag to hold all your cords, batteries, adapters, whatever electronic accessories you may need. Then rolls up and is held together by an elastic band so nothing falls out.

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Quilted Travel Jewelry Organizer

Before buying this little bag I would just throw all my jewelry in plastic baggies and hope for the best. No good. This bag organizes everything and keeps it from getting tangled together.

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Ultra High Capacity Portable Charger
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Leverage LTE Expandable Spinner

Before a recent trip to Vegas I realized that I didn’t have a good medium-sized suitcase. All I had was either a carry-on or a giant one… which we all know, as a woman, I will over-pack and go over the weight limit. This one still let’s me slightly over-pack but I haven’t gone over the limit yet. Plus, it’s stylish and durable.

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Laptop Sleeve

New laptop calls for a new sleeve to keep it safe. This one is perfect because it’s lined with super thick fleece and has a 2 zipper pockets for the laptop pen and charger.

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Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II

With all the traveling we’ve been doing lately, I decided to invest in a better travel camera. I did a ton of research and this is the one I found and absolutely love. You can control it in manual mode and it takes amazing photos. Plus, it’s small enough to fit in my crossbody purse.

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Cambridge Under the Seat Bag

This is the best carry-on bag that I have found, to date. It fits exactly what I need (camera, purse, laptop, sweater) without being big. You can either put it in the overhead bin or you can put it under the seat in front of you… which is perfect!

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Large Travel Makeup Organizer

I just recently bought this travel makeup bag and I am in love. It is large enough to hold all the skincare, makeup, and hair tools I need while traveling without having to have separate bags for everything (which I did before) or have it just randomly in the luggage.

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Canvas Travel Weekender Bag

This bag is perfect for a weekend getaway or used as a carry-on for when you get on a plane. I love that it has a strap in the back that attaches to the top of your luggage so it doesn’t fall.

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