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Non-Slip Slim Velvet Hangers

These are my favorite velvet hangers! They have a drop shoulder design so you can hang your sweaters or other easily stretchable clothing on them without indenting the clothing. Since I hang literally all my clothes, these are a must.

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Ringo Knee High Chunky Heel Boots

Great faux suede boot with a chunky heel so it’s super comfortable to walk in. I love wearing mine with the faux leather leggings and a tunic sweater.
*true to size*

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V-Neck Pullover Sweater

Probably the best Amazon fashion find to date! This sweater is 3/4 sleeves and so soft. I’ll definitely be ordering more colors.
*true to size*
see it styled here

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Heavy-Duty Black Pants Hangers

Nothing fancy to hang my crop pants, shorts, and skirts… just some plain-ole hangers that you can find at any store. Only these come in a 50 pack so I don’t have to ask the store to let me keep theirs.

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Tulip Hem Tank Dress

This dress is a great dupe for the very popular Leith dress that you see everywhere. It has great quality, comes in 16 different colors, and is a fraction of the cost!
*true to size*

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Gramercy Tee

These Gramercy tees from Express are, hands down, my favorite “nice” tees that I own. They come in a ton of colors and different collar options and I actually own about 5-6 different ones. Plus they go with everything.
*true to size*

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Maritza Multi Strap Toe Slide Sandals
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Regular Fit Scoop Neck Tank Top
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Quilted Travel Jewelry Organizer

Before buying this little bag I would just throw all my jewelry in plastic baggies and hope for the best. No good. This bag organizes everything and keeps it from getting tangled together.

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4-Tier Metal Shoe Rack

I finally found a shoe rack that is tall enough between the shelves that it fits all my high-heel shoes! I also love how the shelves are angled down so you can see what shoes you have in there.

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