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Style Tips

When I was in high school and even a few years after, I had the worst fashion sense. I would just buy something because it was cute and not really take time to think about where I would wear it or with what.

Now that I’ve gotten older I’ve started getting more and more into fashion and beauty. I’m definitely not a fashion guru but I do love getting dolled up when heading out the door. Yes, even with 4 kids in tow.

Now I want to share all the tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way with you! I love to “shop my own closet” when trying to create an outfit instead of always buying everything to match. Here is where you’ll find all the answers about what to wear to an event or how to style a particular piece. You’ll even some of my favorite essentials for different stages in your life and throughout the year.

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Strappy Front London Tee

The One Eleven London Line from Express is my favorite for great basic tees. They have a great variety of styles and colors and they are so great for layering or just wearing alone.
*true to size*

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S Hooks

I have a small closet but a weird rack placed super high on the wall. I use these hooks to hang my purses on that really high rack and keep them off the floor.

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Plastic Clip Hangers

Nothing fancy to hang my crop pants, shorts, and skirts… just some plain-ole hangers that you can find at any store. Only these come in a 50 pack so I don’t have to ask the store to let me keep theirs.

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Diff Ruby Glasses

I have an addiction to sunglasses. Of the two pair of sunnies I bought, these ones are my favorite. I love the slight cat eye and the polarization to the lens.

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Racerback Maxi Dress

I saw this on Amazon recently and purchased it right away and it did not disappoint! It has pockets, people. Pockets. Plus, it’s super soft, flattering, and flows perfectly.
*runs small – size up one*

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Natural Soul Jennie Sandal

Along with having an obsession with sunnies, I also have an obsession with flip flops. These have quickly become my favorite as they are so comfortable to wear and walk in.
*true to size*

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Wall Mount Jewelry Mirror

I love this wall mount jewelry mirror! It’s so big and has tons of space for everything. It also comes with hanging hooks so you can hang it on your door but I chose to mount mine on the wall in my closet and it’s perfect.

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Hanging Baskets

I use these baskets in my pantry and in my closet. They add so much more room to my pantry and in my closet I use them to hold my scarves and my bralettes and sports bras.

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Tulip Hem Tank Dress

This dress is a great dupe for the very popular Leith dress that you see everywhere. It has great quality, comes in 16 different colors, and is a fraction of the cost!
*true to size*

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Abercrombie Ankle Jeans

Where have these jeans been all my life?! They are so buttery soft and fit so well. I live in these jeans now and don’t think I’ll buy jeans anywhere else!
*true to size*
see them styled here

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