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Christmas Ornament Wreath

Updated: December 1, 2014

It’s officially December! Thanksgiving is over and now all the holiday decorating and festivities can start!

My husband and I actually started decorating last weekend when he had time off because he likes to decorate with me and he hardly ever has time off to spend with us. It was nice to get the house mostly decorated.

We weren’t spending Thanksgiving at home anyway so why not decorate a little early?

Now, when we began putting up our tree we realized that half of the lights were out… so Stefan left immediately and went to the store a get a new one. We had that original tree for more than 7 years so I think it was time for an upgrade anyway.

When he came home, he had a new 9ft tree and 2 giant tubs of ornaments. After putting up the tree and getting most of the decorating done, I realized that we had a ton of ornaments left over.

Christmas Ornament Wreath

What to do with all those left over ornaments?

Make a wreath! So I went to JoAnn’s to a couple extra supplies… The wreath was $2, and the mini glitter ornaments were $1 each, the stems were $.50 each, and the M was $2.50. I didn’t end up using the ribbon, but it was $6.50.

Christmas Ornament Wreath

So… doing the math, the wreath total was $9.50. Not to shabby.

After I had all the supplies I got out my glue-gun and started gluing ornaments around the wreath in a random pattern, making sure to put the top of the ball downward so that you don’t see it.

Christmas Ornament Wreath

Then I attached another pipe cleaner to the back to hang it on the door with.

I had decided on a grapevine wreath because I loved to look of them and because if the ornaments don’t line up prefect (which they won’t) then the grapevine will show through a little and will look better than any other wreath form showing through.

Though you could use whatever you wanted and then just make sure to add ornaments in each crevice or put tinsel or something to hide the form.

Christmas Ornament Wreath

After getting all the ornaments in place I took a piece of wrapping paper and carefully traced and cut out the M. I used modpodge to glue it down and added an extra layer on top to help make it a little waterproof from the snow. Then just hot glue that bad boy down and add the extra stems in random areas.

Christmas Ornament Wreath

There you have it… my Christmas ornament wreath. My house is now covered in glitter but that’s ok because I still have a few more crafty ideas to do for our holiday decorating. Hopefully I’ve inspired you to make your own Christmas ornament wreath!

Do you make any holiday decorations or do you buy all of yours?

What are your thoughts?

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