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Day 30 of P90X

Hey everyone! Today is day 30 of my P90X! WOOOOO I am so excited I finally finished 30 days! It wasn't easy... and I wasn't the perfect P90Xer either, to…

Day 30 of P90X

Hey everyone! Today is day 30 of my P90X! WOOOOO I am so excited I finally finished 30 days!

It wasn’t easy… and I wasn’t the perfect P90Xer either, to say the least. I can tell you this, though… I did change my eating habits (as explained in an earlier post) and I have finally started seeing the results that I want to see.

Day 30 of P90X

I was bad and still made some excuses for not working out on the weekend and I only did between 4 and 5 workouts a week. Apparently, for me, this is good enough to start seeing results. I really wanted to see something better and something more, but I guess that is what I get for not committing myself 100% to the program.

I AM committed now to getting into thee BEST shape of my life and have begun doing all the workouts during the week (plus extra!). I have been adding Brazil Butt Lift the past week and yesterday I did INSANITY instead of P90X Cardio X… I was feeling ambitious. Now, THAT is committing myself 110%!! Haha

As far as eating goes… I’m not really following the Nutrition Guide that comes along with the program. It is a little hard to do for me with a family. I just started eating cleaner and trying my best to eat from the top two tiers of Michi’s Ladder. Some days were really hard… like Alyssa’s birthday with all the cake and candy and ice cream and party favors, but most days were really easy.

Once I finally cut most of the junk food out of my body with the Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse, it was really easy for me to get back into a healthy eating habit. When I would go to the store, I found myself gravitating toward the fruit and vegetable section(s) instead of the snack and chip sections.

I also drink my Shakeology EVERY morning for breakfast. I really think that helps set me up for how the rest of my day will go. 🙂 Usually, I will eat a salad for lunch with chicken or fish and oil/vinegar based dressing. Dinner is a little harder because I have my boyfriend and daughter to feed and I really don’t want to make two different meals. I’ll cook something everyone will like and I just stay away from the stuff that is white and/or fried… like white bread, pasta (not often because I LOVE pasta), potatoes, fried chicken, etc… and I try and eat a LOT of veggies and fruit.

Well, It’s of to do my workout for the day! For the next 30 days of the program I am committing myself 110% and I will update again when it’s day 60!!


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