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I get a lot of emails asking a variety of questions, so I thought I would compile the most frequent into an FAQ page that would be useful for everyone! If you have a question that is not answered here or on my about page, feel free to contact me!

Can I republish your recipes?

Thanks for asking! All of the recipes on Jennifer Meyering are copyrighted. Please do not repost my recipes verbatim without permission.  If you tried a recipe yourself, I love that you want to share one of my recipes! Feel free to use the ingredients list, but write the instructions in your own words and include an obvious link back to my original recipe post. I’d also prefer if you used your own photo along with it (why not show them what you made, rather than what I made?).

Can I use your photos?

As for images on their own, if you’d like to use one in a roundup or similar context, I usually don’t mind, as long as the image is clearly credited, something along the lines of, “Photo courtesy of Jennifer Meyering,” with a link back to the original post, and uploaded to your own server (see: hotlinking). If you are unsure about whether or not what your are doing is okay, please ask first (and thanks in advance for making the effort to do so).

Can I substitute this ingredient?

It is recommended to use the specified ingredients listed within the recipe whenever possible as that is what has been tested and proven to work. If there are dietary restrictions or you just do not have an ingredient on hand, substitutions can be made but please remember that I cannot speak for how much this will change to overall dish. Substitutions may also result in undesirable outcomes.

I tried one of your recipes but it did not turn out, what did I do wrong?

As I am not there in the kitchen with you, it is very hard for me to specifically answer this question. Oven temperature, cooking times, ingredient substitutions, and many other things can all play a roll in the specific outcome of a dish.

Can you give me the nutritional information for this recipe?

The specific ingredients used in each recipe can vary extensively from one person to the next. If you’re looking for this information, please plug the exact ingredients you use into any of the free online calorie counters, like this one.

Can I write a guest post for your blog?

At this time I am not accepting any guest posts. Be sure to check back in the future to see if I decided to open the guest posting again.

What kind of camera and equipment do you use?

From 2010 until Christmas 2014, I took photos with an old Cannon DSLR that was a hand-me-down from my dad. For Christmas 2014, my parents bought me a new Canon T5i and shortly thereafter I upgraded the stock lens to a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens that I use for all my photography now. I have my eye on a sweet macro lens that I’m hoping to get in the very near future!

I try to use natural light whenever possible (our overabundance of windows are amazing for this), but in the wintertime I’m usually stuck to only photography food in the early morning. Hopefully, I can find a reliable nighttime setup and I’ll be sure to share when I do.

Photography is a never-ending learning process and I’ve definitely evolved over time, though I’m not close to where I would like to be.

Check out these posts for an extensive list of camera equipment, books to read, and anything else photography related:

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How do I sign up for email updates to stay-up-to-date with your new recipes? Is the subscription free?

You can sign up for free email updates here to have new recipes delivered right to your inbox. Yes, it’s really free!

Do you have any tips/recommendations for a newbie blogger like myself?

This is such a difficult question to answer but the important thing to remember is to be yourself and to be authentic. Blog because you love it and because you are passionate about it! For more of my favorite tips and blogging resources, visit this page.

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