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Favorite Apps for Shopping

When we moved to Michigan over 6 years ago, I quickly learned that if I wanted to do any kind of shopping for myself it would mostly have to be…

Favorite Apps for Shopping -

When we moved to Michigan over 6 years ago, I quickly learned that if I wanted to do any kind of shopping for myself it would mostly have to be online. I could, of course, drive the hour plus to the mall spend time browsing and then drive an hour back if I wanted but with little kids in tow, it just wasn’t feasible.

Favorite Apps for Shopping

The only places that were close to me – like within 15 minutes – were a Wal-Mart, Target, and TJ Maxx. While I love TJ Maxx, I cannot shop there exclusively. The Wal-Mart in town was terrible and I could not even step foot in there. The Target was ok but after 3 years living there it closed down and the closest Target became an hour away also.

Super Bummer.

So the only way to add new clothes to my closet for completely different seasons than I was used to or had a wardrobe for was to shop online.

Naturally, if I’m going to be doing some shopping online, I might as well try and save as much money as I can. Or just get free shipping on everything.

Today, I’m rounding up all my favorite apps for shopping and Chrome extensions that I use to help me save money, get free shipping, find coupon codes, and get cash back for purchases.

Rakuten Ebates

Rakuten Ebates App

I’m sure you’ve heard about Ebates before… I mean who hasn’t? They just did a rebranding recently and now go by Rakuten but it’s still the same company and same benefits.

This is the app/Chrome extension that I use the most because it offers the best cash back for shopping online. Just click the button in your browser before you checkout and you’ll get some cashback. Of course the cashback varies day-to-day and from store-to-store but it adds up quickly.

Then every quarter-year they deposit my cashback into my PayPal account. Score.

They also have an app for your phone that you can use to shop. I normally like to shop in the specific retailers app (because it’s usually more user friendly) and add everything to my cart. Then before I checkout, I switch over to the Rakuten app, sign into the retailers account and my cart will be there full ready to go, then I can check out and get my cashback that way. Sure, it’s an extra step, but so worth it.



This app has the same premise as Rakuten/Ebates but the one big difference is that this one is automatic cash back. Meaning that you do not have to click a button in a browser or shop through a specific link to get cash back.

This one works because you add your credit card information into their app (do worry, everything is encrypted) and they “monitor” your purchases from your connected card. Once you shop at one of their partner retailers you’ll get a push notification with the amount of cash back you’ve earned. After you reach a certain limit, you can withdraw the money to your bank account.

I like this one a little better than Rakuten for that feature alone but they’re still new and growing so their partners are not as extensive. They’re list also changes occasionally but you can see all the retainers and partners in their app.

However, there have been some times that I’ve stacked cash back between the two apps – double score!


ShopTagr App
ShopTagr App

I’m not a fan of paying full retail price. I’m also very impatient and hate checking websites every day to see if an item I want is on sale or back in stock. That’s where ShopTagr comes in.

I can “tag” an item with their app and chrome extension and it saves it to a list. Then I can tell it to notify me if the price drops or if the item comes back in stock.

I think they still have some kinks to work out but it works well and I like it.


Honey App
Honey App

Honey used to be just an Amazon tracking Chrome extension, then they expanded to a few other retailers, and now they are showing you all the coupon codes from around the internet.

Honey has a “droplist” feature that you add products too and it’ll notify you when the item goes on sale. Or if you’re already checking out and in your cart, it will popover with a box that tells you about all the coupon codes that are currently available from that retailer.

Click the button and it will try all the coupon codes then apply the one that gives you the biggest discount. App App

I do follow some fashion bloggers on Instagram so naturally, I want to know where they get their cute outfits and home décor things.

This is the app to tell you where to get all that cute stuff you see on IG. Yo can follow your favorite people on there and shop their feed right in the app.

I’m sure there are many more apps out there but these are the ones that I use and love. If you have any favorites that I didn’t include, leave a comment below because I’d love to check them out!

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