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My Favorite Hair Tools & Products

I’ve been doing some blog updating lately and really trying to find my blog style… what I want my blog to look like and such, which I truly have no…

My Favorite Hair Tools & Products -

I’ve been doing some blog updating lately and really trying to find my blog style… what I want my blog to look like and such, which I truly have no idea, and the different content I want to create. In doing so, I have realized that my “style & beauty” section is seriously lacking in content.

While I have absolutely no plans to get rid of the section, I have decided to do a little mini-series, if you will, about all that goes into making me look beautiful.

Haha, if that isn’t an understatement.

My Favorite Hair Tools & Products

Seriously, though, the things that I use to get ready on the rare days that I actually make it out of the house. Which (hopefully) will be much more frequent now that the snow is melted and it’s starting to get warm out.


We even put out our patio furniture the other day because it’s been so sunny and nearing 50 degrees!

Anyway, this week I wanted to share with you what I use to fix my crazy frizzy, not-so-curly-but-still-kinda-curly hair that doesn’t want to hold a curl when I use a curling iron and just falls flat. Only when it rains and is wet does it show a decent curl but by that time it’s just a frizzy mess from being half dry so we’re back to where we started.

What a vicious cycle. Where do I start?

Styling/Heat Cream: Healthy Sexy Hair Soya Want it All

My Favorite Hair Tools & Products

I’ve always loved the big sexy hair product line. So, when I went to my last hair appointment the hairdresser recommended that I try one of their new products, healthy sexy hair soya want it all.

It apparently is a blow dry/heat spray as well as conditioner plus a whole load of other things in one. I’m terrible about remembering to put heat protectant on before I blow dry and it definitely shows but I decided to give it a try. I fell in love with it the next day I dried my hair. It made my hair so smooth and soft and it just felt so much better.

Now it’s part of my washing ritual even if I don’t blow dry my hair that day. Just a small spray on the ends and my hair is silky, smooth, and smells amazing all day.

Blow dryer: Conair

My Favorite Hair Tools & Products

I bought this blow dryer on a whim a while back because my other one crapped out on me in the middle of drying my hair.

Talk about a bad hair day.

I frantically ran to the closest store to find something to replace it since I had somewhere to be. I just grabbed the first dryer that looked cute because I didn’t have time to comparison shop and spend another small fortune on a new dryer.

I was pleasantly surprised by this little baby when I got home. It dries my hair in about 15 minutes where my other dryer took me almost 30. Score one for getting ready with kids! I’ve had it now, I think, for about 5 years or so and it’s still going strong.

Straightener: AbsolutHeat Titanium Pro

My Favorite Hair Tools & Products

found this baby at either TJ Maxx or Marshalls and decided to buy it. I actually have a blue one and the color was the main reason that I bought it.

I didn’t really read if it would be a good straightener or compare it to other models (this seems to be a trend) to see what I should buy, I just got it. It might’ve been on clearance too so that also played a factor.

Cheap and vain? Maybe.

Anyway, once again I was surprised by this guy. It gets hot enough to transform my frizzy hair into sleek, straight, frizz free hair or I can even use it to curl my un-curling hair (I’m sure there’s a tutorial on pinterest about this). When I use it to curl my hair, the curls actually stay all day! YAY! This makes me super happy because typically in the past curling irons and straight irons alike haven’t worked for my hair. Straight and curly in one, works for me!

Hair spray: Garnier Fructis Flexible Hold

My Favorite Hair Tools & Products

Besides the healthy sexy hair, this hair spray is usually the only other product that I use in my hair. I have pretty thin hair without much volume so too much product just weighs it down and makes it look greasy.

The only time I use this hair spray, however, is when I curl my hair with the straightener. It helps them hold longer and doesn’t make my hair stiff and ugly. It keeps my curls bouncy and soft all day.

Dry Shampoo: Batiste

My Favorite Hair Tools & Products

I don’t wash my hair every day. If I do my hair gets dry, brittle and cracks all the time. As someone who frequently puts her hair in a pony-tail to workout, this dry shampoo is a life saver.

I have tried a lot of dry shampoos and this one tops the cake. It doesn’t leave a sticky, white residue and soaks up all the moisture and dries fairly quickly so that I can continue on with my day.

Put hair up for workout, shower, pull hair down and spray with dry shampoo while doing makeup, fluff and brush out after, done. Super simple, super easy and no white residue.

Curling Cream: Paul Mitchell Wave Maker

My Favorite Hair Tools & Products

Honestly, I love to let my hair air dry most of the time. However, my hair is frizzy  and a curly/wavy mess if I let it dry without some kind of product.

I have tried dozens and dozens of curling products on my hair over the years and none of them worked until I found this product. Unfortunately, most of the products I have tried either made my hair heavy and greasy without taming the frizzy mess or they would make the hair stiff and crunchy and looked like I had sprayed too much hairspray in it.

Not a good look either way. But it all changed when I was recommended this by my new hairdresser and it absolutely changed the way I do my hair. This stuff is amazing and I cannot live without it now.

Bonus: What I want to try – DevaCurl Styling Cream

My Favorite Hair Tools & Products

Before my new hairdresser recommended the Paul Mitchell Wave Maker Crème for me, a friend of mine with similar hair to me recommended to try DevaCurl.

I have actually tried it in the past but was a different product than she recommended and that other product left my hair feeling greasy and gross. She said this one is absolutely not like that and her hair is soft, frizz free, and has a nice curl/wave to it all day.

So, once my Paul Mitchell bottle runs out I’m going to pick up a bottle of this and see how it compares and find out which one I like better.

I’d love to hear… What are some of your favorite styling tools & products?

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