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February 2018 Finds

You guys, it is the end of February already! I can't believe it! Usually I'm not happy how fast the months are flying by but this time I'm actually excited……

February 2018 Finds -

You guys, it is the end of February already! I can’t believe it! Usually I’m not happy how fast the months are flying by but this time I’m actually excited… I cannot wait to get this pregnancy over with and get this baby out. So one more month down and just 1 more to go! Woo!!

February 2018 Finds

Anyway, it’s also time for another Favorite Finds post. Apparently I was feeling all the maroon & burgundy this month. Maybe it’s because it’s February and Valentine’s Day? I dunno…

I also got 3 new purses and was definitely still into the glitter and sequin trend that continued from last month.

Target Maternity Bell Sleeve Sweater

February 2018 Finds

I actually saw another blogger wearing this sweater and I just had to have it. Unfortunately it was sold out online but I ended up finding for only $7 when I went on my next Target run! Score!

I’m debating on whether or not I want to turn it into a non-maternity sweater once I lose the baby belly or just buy a new non-maternity version. Probably save money and just alter the maternity one… haha.

Boatneck Tunic Sweater

February 2018 Finds

I originally only ordered this sweater to get the free shipping from Old Navy (#noshame) and had planned on returning it. But once it came and I saw and felt how nice it was, I decided to keep it.

It’s non-maternity and my usual motto with that is as long as it fits over the boobs now it’ll fit after I have the baby… haha!

It has a looser fit and it’s so soft so it’ll be nice for the in-between stage as well as for next fall and winter.

Textured Knit Open Front Cardi

February 2018 Finds

This was what I was originally ordering from Old Navy when I decided to also order the sweater above. I have been in search for a white cardigan for some time and I finally found one that I absolutely love.

Most of the others were a weird white or were cut wrong and just didn’t work for me. This one is the perfect length, thickness, and softness.

Burgundy/Maroon Jeggings

February 2018 Finds

I actually found these jeans while I was grocery shopping at Meijer recently. I wandered into the clearance section to see if I could find some cheap, cute leggings for house lounging after I have the baby and found these!

I only paid $7 for them and I can’t wait to wear them post-baby. They are super stretchy so they should fit right after and while I’m losing weight.

And yes, I did find two new pair of leggings, also.

Express High Waisted Sequin Leggings

February 2018 Finds

I am in love with these pants! Unfortunately, about a week after I ordered them I received an email saying Express canceled my order because they were out of stock.

Big bummer.

So I put them on a watch list to see when they come back in stock. I had hopes of wearing these out to date night or just a fun night out with the girls!

Denice Booties

February 2018 Finds

Black booties to the rescue! In my closet post I had mentioned that I had a lot of brown shoes and boots so I thought a new pair of black booties would be nice. I found these at DSW and snagged them instantly.

They’ll be perfect with skinny jeans and for under bootcut jeans.

Target – A New Day Scrunch Boots

February 2018 Finds

Wandered into the shoe section on one of my Target runs and found one of the last pair of these beautiful boots for only $12! I could not say no when they were that price.

Plus, they are super comfortable and fit perfectly onto my dinky calves.

Coach Star Glitter Zip Around Phone Wallet

February 2018 Finds

I actually found this wallet/phone purse when I was Christmas shopping this past year. I wasn’t looking for a new wallet or anything in particular when looking but ended up seeing and falling in love with this. It fits my iPhone perfectly along with my ID and a few credit cards. I’ve only used it once so far but I cannot wait to get more use out of it soon.

Isabelle Vegan Envelope Clutch & Crossbody Bag

February 2018 Finds

There were no words when I saw this clutch/crossbody bag at TJ Maxx not too long ago. I just grabbed it and put it into my cart. It’s more of a blush tone than it shows in the picture and will go beautifully with just about any outfit.

Miller Oversized Tote in Camel

February 2018 Finds

You can never go wrong with an over-sized tote – especially when you have kids. There’s a point when they grow out of the baby bag stage but they still have a few things that you need to bring when taking them out – juice cups or extra pairs of underwear or whatever. Purses like this are exactly what you need.

Plus, the camel color is gorgeous and I actually didn’t have a camel colored purse… they are all white or black. Go figure.

What was something you found this month that you love?!?

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