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It’s OFFICIALLY official! I am a graduate of the Alpha and Beta phases of T25!!

Focus T25 - Day 70

I have to say that I absolutely love this program and can definitely see myself doing multiple rounds of it without getting bored. I feel like no matter how many times I do the workouts, they just don’t get easier and keep challenging you in a different way each time.

Speed 2.0 was my absolute favorite workout of the Beta round. It seriously works you from beginning to end with NO breaks. I also loved that the workouts FINALLY started including weight training into them!! It made a good break from all the cardio you do in the first 35 days of the program.

I originally wanted to order and complete the Gamma round of T25 after I finished Alpha and Beta, but I might have to wait on that. Based on the reviews from my friends, it is a lot more intense than the first two rounds and in my current medical state I will be unable to complete it.

More on that…

I wanted to share my “ending” results but they are a little skewed and are not “true” results. When I was 2 weeks from completion on the Beta round I found out I was pregnant! 5 1/2 weeks currently, to be exact. So if you go back to my previous progress photos (Day 1, Day 34) you won’t see much of a difference between Day 34 and today.

Wait… You can see a little change in my hips and abs. However, the last 2 weeks of the program that I completed, I had to dial down the intensity some and begin following Tania (the modifier) in the program. Not a huge deal because I was super fatigued and nauseous anyway, but it definitely shows in the results.

Anyway… I have plans on using T25 post-pregnancy to get my pre-baby body back since it’s such an amazing workout and you can get it done in 25 minutes a day. Perfect for a new mom with little time to spare.

For now, to keep healthy and active while pregnant… I’m going to begin a round of ChaLEAN Extreme and then possibly go back to T25 for some cardio (since I love it so much and it’s quick and effective). Or I might just stick to T25 throughout the pregnancy but just take the intensity down a little.

Maybe throw extra yoga in there… I need to work on my stretching.

Focus T25 - Day 70

Have you done or tried T25? If so, what do you like most about it? If not, why not?

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