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Greenbush Brewery -

This might just be my favorite brewery (so far) here in town. Or at least this close to my little town.

Greenbush Brewery is just about a 15 minute drive down the road in Sawyer but I definitely consider it a top place for dinner over any of the other restaurants the opposite way in downtown St. Joseph.

Greenbush Brewery

The hubby and I discovered this brewery way back 4 years ago when we first moved here and we have been here no less than 2-3 dozen times since.

Whenever we don't feel like cooking and are just looking for a place to grab a quick lunch or dinner with great food and great beer, this is usually the place we head to.

Though now that Haymarket is in town Greenbush might have a little more competition for our dinner or lunch plans.

Greenbush Brewery

When we first discovered Greenbush, they only had the one little restaurant/brewery. In the 4 years since, they have grown quite a bit and opened an Annex across the street that sells all their beer and a huge craft cheese selection.

The Annex is also a great place to head over to and while you wait for your table because no matter what time you come, you might just have to wait anywhere from 5 minutes up to an hour or more. They are always busy and there is usually always a line out the door for people waiting to get in.

However, they've also opened another restaurant next door that I have not been to yet because we usually just go to the original.

Greenbush Brewery

Since Greenbush is a local craft brewery they have a rotating beer menu that changes with the seasons.

Of course there are a few staples that are always on the menu, but usually when we go we can find something new and different to try.

Their food menu is the same way. They have a smoker out back where they smoke chicken, brisket, and pork – which is what the hubby always gets when we go – and then they have a small menu of some rotating sandwich selections and entrees.

Greenbush Brewery

While the hubby usually orders the same thing when we go, I like to branch out and try all that they have to offer.

One of my favorite from them is their “Cuban” style sandwich, which goes by a different name that I cannot think of right now, and their Ruben sandwich.

Greenbush Brewery

They have a kids menu also but we usually always just end up ordering from the adult menu for the kiddos to share because the oldest loves their pulled pork sandwiches.

Greenbush Brewery

Oh! And they have a little Lego table for the kids to play at while the parents drink beer, chat, and wait for their food. How sweet is that?!?

What keeps me coming back here, despite almost always having to wait for a table, it the friendly staff, the great beer, and the amazing food.

You don't need fancy décor or fancy drinks or fancy food to keep people coming back… you just need good food and good beer.

Greenbush Brewery

Another of my favorite breweries/restaurants did something to their menu recently when we went back the last time and the food quality was not the same. And they also increased prices.

Now, I don't mind an increase in prices… it's a cost of doing business but don't degrade the food at the same time or people will stop coming.

Luckily, Greenbush is just the opposite and no matter when we go – whether it's in the middle of winter or middle of summer or anytime in between – the food and beer are always consistently good.

Greenbush Brewery

So next time you come to visit the tourist town of St. Joseph, Michigan you have got to put Greenbush Brewery on your list of places to eat.

And if you live anywhere close to here and haven't yet visited… you must go.

You can thank me later.

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