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Our guest room is in the basement. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I [used to] think of a basement, dark and dingy are some of the first words that come to mind. Fortunately, I think that basements have come a  long way from the old, unfinished ones that my family used to have that were windowless and cold. I want to believe that most basements now are at least somewhat finished and beautiful. At least this is what HGTV and DIY network have led me to believe.

Guest Bedroom Makeover

Anyway, my basement serves as the guestroom, my office, the kids play area (when I am working in the office) and my workout space. When we moved into our home, I was excited to be able to make it our own, put my own personal touch on it, but also to finally have a place for my family to come visit and stay for a few days without having to worry about getting a hotel. Unfortunately, our guest room is far from the comfort of a hotel.

Guest Bedroom Makeover

Yes, there is a bed, but that’s really about it.

It’s quite embarrassing.

Guest Bedroom Makeover

For two years up until this summer, we really didn’t have many guests, other than my mom, come and stay with us. Of course mom doesn’t mind what the room looks like just as long as she has someplace to stay, right? Right.

Well, it’s still pathetic.

Guest Bedroom Makeover

And I was even more embarrassed when I had a friend, and my husband also had a friend (at different times, of course), come and stay with us. What kind of host am I that just sticks someone in a room with only a bed and a bunch of kid toys?

So, I set out on a mission to give our guest room a makeover to help it feel more like home for our guests and make it look not so sparse.

I started with a DIY headboard and then decided to head to Big Lots to find some matching furniture and wall pieces, mirrors and such. I’ve always had great luck finding things there, and they have such a huge selection of stuff, at amazing prices, that I thought it would be the perfect place to start. It actually ended up being the only place I needed to go to. Score!

Guest Bedroom Makeover

As soon as I walked into the local one here, I noticed that they had a huge furniture section (though styles and selection vary by store). I felt like I hit the jackpot. They had everything that I could have asked for and much more. Plus, their prices are incredible and makes for decorating a room on a budget really easy.

I started by picking out two black end tables for the sides of the bed. The original table I had next to the bed was actually broken and the leg was being held up by the wall. Yikes, it was an accident waiting to happen and needed to be replaced ASAP.

Guest Bedroom Makeover

After I found the tables, I knew I needed something for the walls to make them pop and make our guests not feel like they were sleeping in the kids room, though they essentially are.

I found a beautiful mirror and a few extra wall decorations.

Guest Bedroom Makeover

Guest Bedroom Makeover

While I was shopping for the tables in Big Lots, they were on a shelf and I couldn’t tell how tall they would be next to a bed. After quickly talking to one of the employees, he grabbed a ladder and got the table down for me so I could see how tall it was next to one of the beds they had on display. I told him it would work and that I needed two of them. He grabbed two of them, and everything else in my cart, and headed to the checkout with me. He even helped me load my car after I paid! Who does that anymore? Seriously, best customer service ever.

Guest Bedroom Makeover

After I got home and started putting the furniture together, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the furniture. It was very sturdy and will hold up perfectly with kids and guests, for years to come. No worries about legs falling off and having to held up by shoving it against the wall. Haha.

Guest Bedroom Makeover

Remember when I said that basements are dark and dingy? Well, not anymore with the beautiful mirror on the wall. It bounces light from the window on the other side of the room and makes it almost feel like you are not sleeping in a basement.

Guest Bedroom Makeover

So, what do you think of the mini-makeover? I think it looks a thousand times better in there and now there is much more light coming in because of the mirror bounce.

I love the way it turned out and now I’m itching to see where else I can decorate in the house thanks to Big Lots and their incredible selection.

Check them out here: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

What room of your house needs a mini-makeover?

Guest Bedroom Makeover --

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