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June 2018 Finds

It’s the end of June… and we’re back with another Fabulous Finds Post! I bought a most of this stuff at the end of last month in anticipation of our upcoming trip to Vegas that we took at the beginning of this month.

June 2018 Finds

We had so much fun and it was a blast to go with a couple friends this time instead of just the two of us. I also just published a huge Vegas Travel Guide with all of my top places to stay, things to do, and top restaurants that we love to go to. You should head over and check it out!

Anyway, all the stuff that here that I didn’t buy before Vegas, I ended up buying in Vegas. Two of my favorite things to do while there are hanging out by the pool and going shopping… in no particular order.

Let’s get to it! Happy shopping!

H&M Straw Hat
June 2018 Finds

Before heading to Vegas, I realized I didn’t have a hat for the pool. I couldn’t find one in time for the trip but I picked up this cute one while I was there at H & M. It’s the perfect little sun hat and was only $5! Score!

Diff Bella Glasses
June 2018 Finds

I have an addiction to sunglasses. I love them and all the different styles but I’ve never actually owned a “nice” pair… or should I say ones that cost more than $10. So when I saw that DIFF was having a summer sale I snatched these and the ones below for 50% off.

Diff Ruby Glasses
June 2018 Finds

Of the two pair of sunnies I bought, these ones are my favorite. I love the slight cat eye and the polarization to the lens.

Tulip Hem Tank Dress
June 2018 Finds

If you remember my April Finds post where I talk about this dress. Well, I loved it so much that I bought it in another color. No regrets.

Striped Slit Front Dress
June 2018 Finds

I absolutely love the color of this dress and the slit down the front give it that just a little extra. I brought it to Vegas with me but didn’t end up wearing it there so I’m trying to plan a date night so I can wear it.

Floral Midi Dress
June 2018 Finds

This I actually found right after we got back home and I wish I would have gotten it before. I love the floral print and the midi length.

This might just have to come to Napa with me this fall.

Bandana Print Soft Short
June 2018 Finds

Vegas is hot, obviously, so I got these for walking around during the day. They’re also perfect to throw on over a bathing suit and walk to the pool.

Kenzie Crop Jeans
June 2018 Finds

Crop jeans are my favorite thing. For some odd reason, I can’t do regular skinny jeans unless I wear them with boots… not booties… but boots. But I can totally rock some booties with crop jeans. Even if the crop is right at the ankle for me. I know… I’m weird… but these jeans are so buttery soft and have the prefect stretch.

Qupid Slingback Booties
June 2018 Finds

I saw these booties in the window of a local shop downtown here and bought them instantly. They have quickly become my favorite shoe. The faux leather is so soft they just melt into my feet and the heel is the perfect height so I can wear them all day without my feet hurting.

Natural Soul Jennie Sandal
June 2018 Finds

Along with having an obsession with sunnies, I also have an obsession with flip flops. Unfortunately all my current ones are starting to fall apart so I’m starting to invest in some new pairs. These are beautiful with their laser cut out design and soft cushion sole.

So that’s it… what are some things you found that you love this month?

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