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Loving Lately

#lovinglately June 2019

Updated: June 25, 2019

It’s the end of the month and you know what that means! Another episode of #lovinglately.

Also, as of yesterday, we have been living in Texas for two months! Well… minus the hubby. The kids and I have been living here for 2 months. We are loving every minute of it and it’s finally starting to get hotter here.

I would say that because of that I went out and bought all the shorts and tanks this month.. Haha! But that was actually last month.

#lovinglately June 2019

Looking over the list, it looks like this month I was on a bodysuit kick. I bought all the bodysuits and now I don’t think I need any more bodysuits ever.

I think the problem was that I bought the chiffon portofino shirt and realized that I wanted a bodysuit to go underneath it. Mainly because if I were to wear a regular layering tank I wouldn’t be able to tuck it in. And then the tank rides up during the day and gets on my nerves.

So I jumped on the bodysuit bandwagon. And I’m not mad about it. I realized that putting on a bodysuit with any of my chiffon shirts, and even my chambray shirts, is so much easier than a tank.

Let’s get to it! #lovinglately June 2019 – bodysuit edition, haha!

Lace Bodysuit

#lovinglately June 2019

The first bodysuit I got is from Amazon of all places! I love love love this bodysuit and it would actually look amazing on its own because it has a full back so it looks more like a tank tucked into jeans and skirts.

Ruched Cami Bodysuit

#lovinglately June 2019

I got this one at Forever21 after realizing that I liked layering bodysuits a little better than tanks. It’s just a simple nude one for under white shirts.

Eyelash Lace Bodysuit

#lovinglately June 2019

I thought this one would be great for layering under a chambray shirt or even a cardigan. Unfortunately the lace doesn’t go all around like the first one so I would definitely need to put something over it so it doesn’t look unfinished.

H&M Lace Bodysuit

#lovinglately June 2019

After I bought the first bodysuit, I realized that the neck was too high to layer it under any of my chiffon tops. But I kept it anyway because I loved it. So I found this one at H&M that would be great for under those types of shirts. Bonus that I don’t have to wear a bra with this one!

Express Bra Cami Bodysuit

#lovinglately June 2019

Another bodysuit that I don’t have to wear a bra with! This bodysuit is actually based on my favorite tank ever from Express. They just took their tank and made it into a bodysuit and it’s genius.

Leopard Portofino Shirt

#lovinglately June 2019

This is the shirt that started it all. Haha! I love the lacy detail on the collar and down the button front and it’s a nice chiffon material.

Slub V-Neck Tank

#lovinglately June 2019

With the hot weather that’s here now, tanks are a must. So whenever I’m in a store I just check out their tank selection. These are a great basic that you can just throw on and go.

Next Level Denim Midi Short

#lovinglately June 2019

I bought three pair of midi shorts last month and then realized that I didn’t get any black ones. I bought white ones, why not black? These were still on sale so I snatched them up.

Leopard Jacquard Midi Skirt

#lovinglately June 2019

This was an absolute impulse buy that I’m not mad at. It’s a little longer than I wanted so I’ll hem it a little but I love it nonetheless. The subtle leopard print is just perfect.

Fuzzy Leopard Print Belt

#lovinglately June 2019

Sometimes you just need a little pop of leopard. This belt is it! It’s actually fuzzy too!

There you have it… #lovinglately June 2019! What are some things you found this month?

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