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Loving Lately

#lovinglately May 2019

I cannot believe that was are at the end of another month already. It seriously feels like this year is flying by! It probably doesn't help that all my days…

#lovinglately May 2019 -

I cannot believe that was are at the end of another month already. It seriously feels like this year is flying by!

It probably doesn’t help that all my days are kind of running into each other because I’ve just been so busy moving and unpacking and trying to get the house ready. Thankfully the hubby has been back for the past couple weeks to help.

On the flip side, I actually just took him back to the airport to head back to Michigan for his last two weeks of work there.

It’s been kind of brutal with him helping us move, then flying back to Michigan to work for two weeks, then being back here for a week and a half, then back to Michigan to work for two weeks.

This is the last two weeks he’ll be gone though and he’ll be done with his contract in Michigan.

#lovinglately May 2019

Anyway, since it’s the last day in May, this month’s #lovinglately is all about the new spring and summer fashion that is everywhere. I bought a bunch of new shorts and sandals this month so hopefully that’ll last me through these Texas summers.

It’s definitely starting to get much warmer here so everything tanks, shorts, and sandals are right up my alley.

A New Day Tank

#lovinglately May 2019

I saw these at Target when I went shopping with my cousin. I love them so much! They are a great lightweight but no see-through material that drapes perfectly. I bought this is three colors.

Floral Kimono

#lovinglately May 2019

I’ve been bitten by the kimono trend and I’m loving it. I actually have 2 other kimonos that I haven’t worn very much but have been pulling them out much more lately.

Next Level Denim Midi Short

#lovinglately May 2019

All the shorts at AE were on sale recently so I stocked up. I got this pair and the two below. Another one of those “I didn’t realize I didn’t have many shorts till I packed everything” moments.

Next Level Denim Midi Short

#lovinglately May 2019

Didn’t have a white pair of shorts, now I do.  I love AE shorts…. They are so stretchy and these white ones are not see-through at all. Prefect.

Next Level Denim Midi Short

#lovinglately May 2019

These are those crochet shorts I shared with you here. I said I had to sew the pockets down to make them not poke out but these are my favorite shorts by far.

Mad Love Regina Flip Flops

#lovinglately May 2019

I absolutely have a flip flop obsession. I love them all and every time I see a pair, I always feel the need to buy more. These are the perfect brown cognac color and I can see them being my go-to with everything.

Maritza Multi Strap Sandals

#lovinglately May 2019

Just can’t say no to a good pair of white sandals. I love the strappy details of this and even though they are pretty flat, they are not uncomfortable at all.

Taryn Woven Sandals

#lovinglately May 2019

After getting the other two sandals above, I was actually looking for a good pair of black ones to round out the color collection. However, I saw these and I loved the woven detail and they were on sale so I couldn’t say no.

Adelina Espadrille Wedges

#lovinglately May 2019

Wedges are my jam in the summer when I’m trying to look a little more put together but don’t really want to completely dress up. Plus, wedges are just so much easier to wear and these will go with everything.

Zip Top Canvas Tote Bag

#lovinglately May 2019

I have been on the search for the perfect pool/beach tote and I think I finally found it. This baby is amazing. It has a ton of pockets in the inside, a pocket on the outside, made of canvas, and can hold all 6 towels plus more. I may just go back and buy another one just in case.

There you have it… #lovinglately May 2019! What are some things you found this month?

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