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March 2018 Finds

We are officially at the end of March and it's time for another Favorite Finds post! This month was have a little mix of a few things I found for…

March 2018 Finds -

We are officially at the end of March and it’s time for another Favorite Finds post! This month was have a little mix of a few things I found for myself and a couple things I found for the hubby. Hey… I gotta shop for him every once in a while since he doesn’t do it for himself… haha.

March 2018 Finds

I still have a couple of sweaters on this list because, despite it officially being spring, I live in Michigan where it’s still chilly outside and not quite t-shirt and shorts weather yet. Come on Mother Nature!

Let’s do it… my March 2018 Finds!

Eddie Bauer Peekaboo Cardigan Sweater

March 2018 Finds

I cannot take credit for finding this beautiful cardigan. My mom found it and gifted it to me for my birthday last month. The red color is so beautiful and it’s just so soft and cozy. I’ve worn it about a half-dozen times so far and have gotten so many compliments on it.

Olivia Sky Maroon Sweater/Shirt

March 2018 Finds

I honestly hesitate to call this a sweater because the material is on the thinner side but it’s super soft and semi-fluffy like a sweater. I haven’t worn it quite yet (re: still pregnant) but it has a looser fit and will be the perfect thing to wear when I’m in the in-between stage after I have this baby. But I definitely see myself wearing this a lot!

Aerie Sunnie Bralette

March 2018 Finds

I discovered the amazingness that is Aerie Bralettes back when I was pregnant with my third baby. I absolutely love how soft they are but still provide that little bit of support that I need. I bought this one in all the colors and they are the perfect thing to wear under t-shirts, tanks, or even to sleep.

Aerie Starts With You Bra

March 2018 Finds

I am not a huge fan of underwire bras, even though I definitely need them. Occasionally, when I’m wearing a maxi dress or something similar, I like to have the support but not with the underwire to make me uncomfortable. I mean maxi dress is comfort, why screw that up with an underwire? Haha.

Old Navy Straight Built in Flex Jeans for Men

March 2018 Finds

Fun Fact: my hubby did not own a pair of jeans until after we met. Seriously. Who doesn’t own jeans?

Anyway, after being together for a while I finally bought him some and realized that he is very picky about his jeans. They cannot be too tight in the leg, too low of a rise, or too short of an inseam. I’ve bought (and returned) tons of jeans over the 12+ years we’ve been together but he’s only ever liked a handful of them. On a recent trip to Old Navy, I decided to give their mens jeans a try. They are a success! I bought this fit in black because he’s always been telling me he wants a pair of black jeans.

Old Navy Loose Men's Jeans

March 2018 Finds

This is the second pair of Old Navy jeans that I decided to try for the hubby, just in a different cut. These are a little looser but he still loves these just as much as the black ones I bought above. I bought these in the dark wash you see and both these and the black ones have not faded at all in the wash and are now his favorite jeans in his closet. Score one more for me!

Knee High Faux Suede Boots

March 2018 Finds

I have been on the hunt for a great pair of black faux suede boots for some time now. I have tried on so many pairs that I lost count. Who would have thought that I would have found the perfect pair on Amazon of all places? I’m definitely going to be giving Amazon clothing a closer look from now on. I also love that they have free returns on most of their clothing items so you can shop without worry about sending it back if you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit.

Canvas Overnight Tote Bag

March 2018 Finds

originally bought this bag to pack and take to the hospital with me when I have this baby (1 week!!). After it arrived I realized it was just a little too small to fit everything I need for the hospital (especially my laptop) but I loved it so much that I couldn’t send it back. It is a great size, the quality is amazing, and it will make a great beach bag for this summer or a nice carry on for when we are traveling.

Massini Windsor Flap Crossbody Purse

March 2018 Finds

Believe it or not, I do not actually have a black crossbody purse. This one, though it looks glittery, has a second flap that you can put on instead of the glitter one. It makes it so versatile so you can dress it up for a night out or switch it to plain and use it for an everyday crossbody.

Diamond Quilt Travel Duffel

March 2018 Finds

After realizing that the canvas bag above wouldn’t work for my upcoming hospital stay, I went on the hunt again for another bag that would work. I ended up at and found this beauty. It is perfect and fits everything I’m going to need – including my laptop case. The turquoise color is perfect and I love the diamond quilting and cognac accents.

There you have it… All of my March finds! Did you find anything this month that you love?

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