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Margarita Mile – Dallas, TX

*This is not a full list of all the restaurants on the Margarita Mile, yet. The post will be updated as I visit and try all the delicious margaritas, tacos,…

Margarita Mile - Dallas, TX -

Dallas, TX

*This is not a full list of all the restaurants on the Margarita Mile, yet. The post will be updated as I visit and try all the delicious margaritas, tacos, and food that they have.*

While my sister’s and mom were in town the other month, we decided to start visiting all the restaurants on the Margarita Mile in Dallas. Before moving here I had actually never even heard of it. I saw it on one of the new Dallas blogs that I started following and it looked intriguing.

I guess the city of Dallas rounded up all the best margaritas in the city and named it the Margarita Mile. They even have an app for it where you can see all the restaurants, where they are located, and check into each one. After you check into so many, they mail you a little prize.

I think there’s also another prize when you visit them all.

Margarita Mile App
Margarita Mile App

Now, even though it’s named the Margarita Mile, the restaurants are actually spread out all over the city. They’re not on a mile strip like you would think. And I’m not sure that visiting all the restaurants in a day or even a weekend would be a good idea.

Haha… or maybe it would. As long as you have a DD.

So anyway, my sister and I thought it would be fun to try and visit them all. I mean, we both love margaritas… and tacos… and all things Mexican food so why not. Of course, this current list is not an all-encompassing list, as we only got to visit 2 when she was here for the long weekend.

We’ll just visit a couple (or few) every time she comes. And maybe the hubby and I will go on some date nights/days to some as well and then I’ll update the post. I’m also planning on trying each of the signature margaritas they recommend from the app just because.

Plus, it didn’t seem right to write a post with all the restaurants when I haven’t visited them all yet. It also didn’t seem right to hold back my little mini-reviews for you either. So here we are!


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Mariano's Hacienda

6300 Skillman St J, Dallas, TX 75231

The first stop on our Margarita Mile journey! After my sister and I got out tattoos done when she was here, we decided it was time for a drink. It had been an emotional day and this was the closest Margarita Mile restaurant from where we were at in North Dallas.

Apparently this one is also the home of the original frozen margarita machine. Who knew?

We all ordered the signature margarita from the menu and sat down with some chips and queso and a couple of other appetizers. We didn’t order any entrée food because we had dinner plans with the rest of the fam in a couple hours but I have to say the queso and guac were amazing and I would definitely go back for lunch/dinner.

The signature margarita was just a regular margarita but made with fresh juices and sugar as opposed to pre-made ones. I liked the addition of the lime flower and thought it was a nice touch. I’ve never seen one before so thought it was super cute. All-in-all, great place that I would definitely take the fam back to.

Wild Salsa

1800 Main St, Dallas, TX 75201

I’m just going to start out by saying this place was amazing! We went here on a Monday afternoon with the whole fam and kiddos and it was perfect.

Wild Salsa is in downtown Dallas right around the corner from the Dallas Farmers Market. It was the last full day the my sister, SIL, mom, and cousin were in town and they wanted to explore Downtown a little. So we stopped here before heading to explore.

They actually picked place based solely on the photos of tacos alone and I have to say it did not disappoint. They were fantastic. We all ordered a different meal so we could sample a little of each and May and I split the oxtail taco plate because it said it was made for two.

We also all ordered a different margarita each time so we could sample them all. The first round I got the jalapeño margarita and the second was the prickly pear margarita. The jalapeno margarita had just a slight hint of jalapeno flavor and heat. The prickly pear was a beautiful shade of pink and had a nice tangy-sweet flavor. Both came with a beautiful marigold garnish.

The icing on the cake, though, was the beautiful mural outside on their patio. This will definitely be a place I come back to again and again.

The Rest of the Mile

Beto & Son
Jalisco Norte
Dallas Mavericks Staduim
The Tipsy Alchemist
Fearing’s and The Rattlesnake Bar
Meso Maya
Taquera La Ventana

Las Palmas Dallas
El Fenix
Gloria’s Latin Cuisine
The Rustic
Café Herrera
Revolver Taco Lounge
Matt’s Rancho Martinez

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