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I am currently in the market for a new office chair… can’t ya tell by the title? Haha..

My current one is old, outdated, uncomfortable, and was a $50 find at Wal-Mart a while back. Back before I was blogging, before I was a full-time work-at-home mom. So, I believe it’s time for an upgrade and in doing so maybe I’ll be able to convince the hubby to start upgrading the old, outdated, and ugly not-so-pretty office furniture when he sees the slick new chair.

I only have one problem. I can’t pick out a chair!

It is unbelievable how many different styles of office chair there are out there. Hundreds… thousands! All I know is I want a white one. I found this picture on Pinterest while searching and fell in LOVE with the chair and the office design. White furniture, black walls – LOVE!

Office Chair Inspiration

Though I obviously can’t pull this off in my basement office sans window because it would just be too dark. So this design (or maybe another) will have to wait until I have my forever home in a few short years (hopefully). BUT I can start slowly getting the furniture I want now and then it will eventually come together later down the road.

Anywho, I cannot for the life of me find this chair anywhere online or in stores that I have visited. Maybe you know what brand it is or where I can find it?

In the meantime, I’ve been getting headaches looking at all the different styles of office chair. But so far, this is what I  narrowed it down to and are my favorite…

Then after much thought, I’ve decided that the chair definitely doesn’t have to be white… but I do not want a black one; those are just too plain and boring. And I also want to go with a high back chair instead of a mid -back chair since I am at the computer for so many hours per day.

So these ten came out as my favorite but I’m still torn between them. I love the look of the traditional style office chair in white but I also want my office to have some personality and color. And then there’s the comfort factor. So I found a bunch that are more of a fabric, traditional style chair but just on wheels for an office setting. I’m kind of in love with the tufted look, too.

Ugh… why is this such a hard choice?

I’m going to take some time to “sleep on it” and then make a decision in a day or so. Then when it arrives, I’ll be sure to show you which one I chose!

Which one is your favorite?

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