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Operation Organization -

It’s the end of another year. Time to party down on New Year’s Eve, set your resolutions for the new year and turn all of the hangers in your closet backwards.

What you don’t do that every year like I do?

Allow me to elaborate on my operation organization.

Operation Organization

I have a slight OCD when it comes to organization and storage and seriously hate clutter and old stuff lying around. Closets can be the worst culprit for extra things and clothes you don't actually wear anymore and if you’ve ever tried to sort through your clothes you know how hard it can be to let go. With this trick, you work backwards and let your actions make the decisions for you.

Every January 1st, I turn all of the hangers in my closet backwards and it takes all of about 60 seconds.

Operation Organization

As the year progresses, I wear the clothes, they get washed, and re-hung in the normal fashion. Which takes zero effort to remember or do.

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At the end of the year, whatever hangers that are still backwards are clothes that I haven't worn for the entire year and probably will never wear. Usually because they're out of style, don't fit, or I just don’t like it. So, they are then donated to an organization in need. This keeps my closet fresh and not cluttered with stuff that I think “might” wear and then really never end up wearing at all.

When I started this routine about 2 years ago it wiped out about a third of my closet in the year! Since then I’ve gotten much better about buying higher quality/less trendy clothes and focusing on buying clothes that I like versus clothes that are cheap and on sale.

It all works out in the end and my slight OCD with organization is kept in check. haha

How do you keep your closet organized?

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