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Black & Blue

This is what I wore to dinner the other night. Just a simple black tank and jeans with a chambray over top and my brown sandals.

Happy Saturday, friends! I hope you’re having a great weekend so far!

Nothing to spectacular happening this week over in the Meyering household. Just still struggling to get back into a super early morning routine again. It’s been over a month since the kiddos started school again and I am still riding the struggle bus with getting up and out the door on time.

Thankfully we have a lazy weekend this weekend and don’t have much planned.

We did go out to dinner the other night, tho, to somewhere new and it was great. I love getting out and exploring our new city.

We don’t get out much during the week because of school and the hubby’s work and we haven’t been doing much on the weekends either because we’re all just so exhausted but we want to change that.

The next couple of weekends there’s a few little festivals in town for Octoberfest and such so I think we’re going to try and check them out just to get out of the house a little.

Anyway, this is what I wore to dinner the other night. Just a simple black tank and jeans with a chambray over top and my brown sandals. The jeans are from Old Navy and one of my new favorites. I love the slight distressing that they have and the raw hem (you can’t see here because I rolled them but you can see here).

The chambray is also from Old Navy and one of the best chambray’s I’ve found so far. It’s a little over-sized but still fitted – if that makes sense? So it doesn’t look too baggy when I wear it but still has nice flow.

Then my tank is my favorite layering tank from Target that I literally have in every color and the sandals are also from Target. Target seriously took all my money this summer with their sandals. Which, in all honesty, I needed because I’ve been living in the great white north for the last 6 years and my sandal collection was seriously lacking.

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