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Black & White Maternity Wear

I cannot believe it has been 3+ years since I’ve posted my last fashion post. Honestly, when I was posting those few little posts back then I didn’t think my style was all the amazing… and I still don’t.

But I’m working on it…

Now that I’m rounding on the last few months of my very last pregnancy, I think it’s time to let my style and fashion blossom a little more and start finding my style again as I work on getting my pre-babies body back. Yes, babies… I have (will have) 4 kiddos.

I absolutely love fashion and finding cute, stylish, affordable things to incorporate into my ever-expending wardrobe even if I don’t get out much and don’t have many places to wear things. When I do get out, I do love to try and “dress up” and make myself look nice even if we are just heading out for a Costco or Target run or going downtown for dinner.

Plus, now that I am rounding my final couple months of being pregnant – for the last time ever – I want to share with all of you how I’m able to find my style again with this new body after having 4 babies. Instead of slip into the “mom wardrobe” of leggings and t-shirt all day everyday… which is my usual go to… I want to be able to be stylish but still functional while running after 4 kids – 3 of which will be under the age of 5.

I also love to find a good bargain – hello, TJ Maxx and Target. I tend to get sticker shock when looking at clothing and sometimes I just cannot wrap my head around how some people can spend that kind of money on clothes. Maybe it’s just the fact that I have kids and they usually take all of my budget for clothes and fun stuff. haha

I am, however, trying to get in the habit of buying less cheap clothing and accessories and instead investing in few, quality pieces that can be worn multiple ways. Or finding things that flatter my body better instead of just buying it because it’s cheap and cute.

Anyway, thanks for reading and letting me share. I’m excited to see where this new fashion, style, beauty journey takes me. If you have any suggestions or tips, please let me know in the comments below!

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