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Chunky Knit Sweater

Here I am wearing my favorite boots again. Haha! I have worn these boots for the past 3 outfits I’ve shared and I don’t plan on slowing down. They truly are my favorite and most comfortable pair of boots that I own.

Anyway, yesterday I had to take my car back to the dealership because when I was there last week the back window wiper got ripped off when they washed the car. Ugh. Hitting this deer a month ago has become more of a fiasco than I imagined.

But at least this is the one thing that I didn’t have to pay for to get fixed. So… silver lining I guess.

While I was in town, and since yesterday was Black Friday, I decided to try and get a little Christmas shopping done. It didn’t work very well. The malls were packed and I am just not a mall person. I am not a fan of big crowds or too many people all over the place so I did a lap and then promptly left.

I did though find out that my grey Loft coat I bought was on more of a sale than in originally paid for it so I took it back and got a refund of the difference… so score one for me on that. After that I went home and changed into my leggings and sweater, grabbed a glass of wine, and lounged on the couch with the hubby and kiddos for the rest of the evening. Literally the making of a perfect evening for me.

Onto this chunky knit sweater… I found this beauty right before our trip to Napa on clearance for $10 (I think) and I absolutely love it. It’s actually meant to be worn with the v-neck in the back but I prefer it in the front. Though, when we were in Napa I wore it the correct way.

I love that the sleeves are over-sized and it’s a soft knit. It’s a little too chunky to be worn under a jacket but the past few days have been unseasonably warm so it was perfect to peruse the mall in and kept me nice and warm. Then I paired it with my favorite Abercrombie jeans, only in black, and my favorite boots.

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