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Cookie Decorating

It’s almost Christmas time!! And you know what that means…. Cookie decorating!!

It’s been a tradition in my mom’s house for years. My best friend and I usually get together and pick out what kind of cookies we are going to make and then spend the rest of the day baking. We would always pick out about 6-8 different types of cookies we wanted to make and usually by the third batch in, we were exhausted on the couch and re-thinking our decisions to make that many cookies. However, we would trudge along and finish our list.

This year we aren’t in Florida anymore and near my mom’s house and best friend. So we had to improvise… One of our friends here did a bunch of baking and invited all of us over to help decorate the cookies.

It was super fun and Alyssa really enjoyed it. I think she may have eaten more frosting than was on the actual cookie… but hey, it’s ok, right? I mean.. it’s Christmas! Some of the cookies ended up going home with each of us and most of them ended up at the hospital for the staff. It’s nice to just get together, hang out, and have fun with our friends.

And with my ever-expanding waistline, I had to find something cute and warm to wear.. which has definitely started to become a challenge. This is what I came up with…

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