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Dallas Day 4

Since it's still a little chilly here in Dallas, I wore a simple cute leopard tank topped it with a simple black cardi.

So we did end up finding a dining table yesterday that looks gorgeous and will fit perfectly into our breakfast area. Then Stefan found an actual dining table for our formal dining room, which neither of us was planning on finding so soon.

The only thing is we hated the chairs that came with the table so we opted not to get them and I am now on the hunt for some great dining chairs to match. Unfortunately, the formal dining table is on back-order and because we bought both at the same time they cannot deliver the first table without the second being in stock.

Don’t ask me why, I guess that’s just their policy. Anywho… I told them we weren’t moving till the summer anyway and they are totally cool delivering it whenever we finally move in.

 We’re still heading back to the house again today because we have internet, cable, and the ADT guy coming all at the same time to install our stuff for us. Might as well get done what we can while we’re here.

Then I think we’re gunna head out to grab an early dinner and drop my sister off at the airport this evening. I’m sad she has to leave already.

I wore these booties again today even though we’re going to be sitting at the house for most of the day. I just love the way they looked with this super cute leopard tank I found at Target the same time I got the blush one.

Since it’s still a little chilly here in Dallas, I topped it with a simple black cardi. Super cute and comfy for a day of lounging on the floor waiting for everyone to finish… but then already be ready to head to dinner.

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