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Dallas Travel Outfit

It has been a whirlwind crazy month for us. I thought I would pop in and show you guys what I wore on the plane to Dallas.

It has been a whirlwind crazy month for us. First with a trip to Dallas for 4 days for the hubby to interview and us to possibly look for houses and then we just got back from Vegas a couple days ago from a conference that he had to go to. #workperks amiright?

But seriously… I am exhausted and my suitcase is still sitting on the floor waiting to be unpacked from the trip to Vegas. All my clothes from Dallas are still sitting in a pile on the floor of my closet. And I have a million loads of laundry to do from being gone for so long.

I do have to brag on my mom for a little bit here, though. She is so amazing and I am just so grateful for always coming up to watch the kiddos for us when we need her. She’s seriously the best.

Anyway, I thought I would pop in and show you guys what I wore on the plane to Dallas. I totally spaced and forgot to take a photo of the outfit I wore home but I’m sure it’ll make it to the blog sometime soon.

I got this new plaid shirt recently from Abercrombie and I absolutely love it. It fits perfectly and it just so soft and comfortable. The sleeves roll all the way down so you can wear it long-sleeve or rolled like this.

These jeans are also from Abercrombie and they were the first “goal” purchase after losing a bunch of baby weight. I still have a bit to go but it feels good to reward certain milestones along the way.

But back to the jeans… My sister gave me a couple pairs of her old ones that I talked about here after I raved about this pair that I bought first. I originally saw these on a blogger that I follow and I figured I would give them a try again since I hadn’t shopped at Abercrombie since high school days.

I have to say, Abercrombie is really stepping up their game and they have a ton of cute, amazing clothes now. They are quickly becoming my favorite place to shop for jeans at.

These shoes are the same Dr. Scholl’s that I talked about before but just in a different color. Hands down, the most comfortable shows that I own.

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