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Date Night: NYE

New Year's Eve is almost here and it's time to glam it up! Grab a pair of sequin leggings and pair them with sime OTK boots and a off the should sweater for an easy, fun, and sassy NYE look.

Photos By: Chelsea Lynn

I am actually going on a date night, y’all! On New Year’s Eve! I haven’t been on date night in, what seems like, for-ev-ver!

Some friends of ours made a suggestion recently that we have a triple date night and they get their babysitters to watch all of our kiddos! There were 7 kids! haha… most of them were mine. 

It’s been (seriously) forever since I went out with the hubby without the kiddos so I couldn’t say no. We’re not doing anything too fancy, just a nice dinner and drinks with our friends. But I’m totally thinking I’ll be at home and in bed before the ball drops. #momlife

Since it has been forever since we did a date night, I figured it needed to be documented… lol. So Chelsea and I went and staked out a photography spot for my NYE outfit featuring these gorg sequin leggings. I have had my eye on these since last year and Express brought them back in stock this year so I snagged them as soon as I saw them. 

They are definitely not your average, everyday leggings but they are so fun, with their all over sequins, for a NYE date night. Or even paired under a tunic for a regular night out on the town with your girlfriends. 

Once I had the leggings I was on the hunt for the perfect sweater to go with it and I think I won with this one from MISGUIDED. It is so soft and comfy and covers just the right amount of booty for leggings but I would also pair it with some jeans for everyday.

Finally, these OTK boots that I absolutely fell in love with as soon as I saw them at Target. Like seriously, how have I not owned a pair of OTK boots before? I need them in all the colors now. 

That’s all for now ladies! Hope you’re having a great Christmas day! And Happy New Year!

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