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Everyday Casual: Cozy Turtleneck Sweater

Super soft turtleneck sweater that is the perfect length to pair with some leggings for a comfy day lounging!

I’m just going to start by saying that I am NOT a fan of turtlenecks. I have hated them since I was a kid and my mom can verify. When she would try and put a turtleneck on me back then, I would constantly pull at the collar and make a chocking sound that was obnoxiously loud.

Actually, to this day I still do the same thing. I do not know what the reason is but whenever I try and put on a turtleneck, I instantly feel like I’m choking and cannot breath.

This is also the reason that I cannot partake in the choker trend that seems to be trying to make a comeback. I tried that when I was a kid too and yeah, just didn’t work for me.

Anyway, with that being said… I actually decided to give this tunic turtleneck a try. It just looked so soft and perfect for leggings on a chilly, lazy day.

As soon as I put it on, I fell in love. Thankfully, for me, the turtleneck part is not too tight and doesn’t make me feel like I’m choking and I can actually wear this gorgeous, soft sweater all day.

It has perfect length to pair with some leggings for a comfy day lounging or you can also dress it up a little for a date night out. Yes, I’ve done both.

Now I don’t know how many other turtleneck sweaters I will be showing you, but this one is definitely a winner and keeper in my book!

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