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Favorite Grey Sweater

I found this baby at H&M when I went before the trip and fell in love. It's so soft and perfectly over-sized.

You guys! It’s about 10 days since I’ve been home from Napa and my suitcase is still on the floor waiting to be unpacked. Are you guilty of this too? Please tell me I’m not the only one.

I swear, I’m the best packer and plan everything to almost the last detail about what to wear but when I get home it all stays in the suitcase until laundry day. Which, funny enough, it every Saturday but I didn’t feel like unpacking it last Saturday.

Oh well… such is life.

Anyway, I had to share my new favorite grey sweater with you guys. I actually wore this on the plane home but I didn’t have time to shoot it before we left because it was an early morning flight and we were all exhausted. So I opted for a quick shoot in my driveway instead.

Honestly, I feel like this is probably where I will be taking most of my photos for the time-being because I haven’t been able to get together with Chelsea lately. I also like to shoot what I actually wear and if I’m heading out of the house it just makes sense to shoot right before leaving.

Back to the sweater… I found this baby at H&M when I went before the trip and fell in love. It’s so soft and perfectly over-sized so it covers your bum if you want to wear leggings with it but can also do a cute front tuck with jeans. I sized down to a small (I’m usually a medium) and I actually could have done a XS but I feel like that would have taken away some of the over-sized-ness.

I’m actually really loving H&M recently and have found a bunch of cute sweaters this season. Usually they’ve always been hit or miss but not this year. I bought this sweater with another super chunky knit one at the same time that I was looking for the white blazer to wear to the hubby’s interview in Dallas. They have great price points and I think it’s just been re-added to my list of favorite shopping places.

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