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House Shopping Day 3

Clothes recycling while on vacation is a must! So same jeans and sneaks with a different sweater is the name of the game!

It’s our last day of house shopping here in Dallas and it might be the most exciting! Though yesterday was not as exciting and I was very anxious after looking at all the houses. In the end, things worked out well in our favor and we woke up today feeling very grateful and happy.

I know that I’m being so very vague… but things will reveal themselves soon!

Anyway, today is our last full day here and we’re taking it slow. Trying to relax a little from the whirlwind trip that we’ve been on and take it all in. Plus, tomorrow is a travel day and I will definitely be tired!

Today I wore the same white jeans that I wore on Day 1 and then a new pink 3/4 sleeve sweater that I love, love, love! Ya know, looking back I realize that I wore pink tops pretty much the entire time I was in Dallas. Haha! Go figure.

Also, wore the same sneakers while we were out running around in the afternoon finalizing some things.

This was such a great trip and I cannot wait to come back and do it all over again! Maybe just a little different next time.

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