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Hubby’s Birthday Dinner

He picked a new upscale steakhouse that we haven't been to yet and I'm excited. It'll be nice to get out for a much needed date night.

Ya’ll it’s been a hot minute since I put on real clothes! Haha! This pandemic is really taking its toll on me, and I’m sure you.

Well, tonight we’re heading out for the first time in a long time for the Hubby’s 40th birthday! I had big plans for this birthday for him. I wanted to plan a guys trip for him and have some of his best friends show up to surprise him.

I mean, how better to celebrate the big 4-0?

However, things were changed because of the world right now and that’s ok. We’re celebrating together instead and once we’re able to get back to semi-normal, I’ll definitely plan that trip for him. He definitely deserves it.

So tonight he picked a new upscale steakhouse that we haven’t been to yet and I’m excited. It’ll be nice to get out for a much needed date night.

I pulled out an off-shoulder sweater from NYE a couple years back that I absolutely love. Paired it with some high-waist jeans and black booties. It is starting to get a little chilly outside here so this outfit was perfect for dinner.

Time to go stuff my face with deliciousness.

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