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Morning Coffee Run

I've been really trying to "get dressed" lately even though I work from home and don't necessarily need to and this outfit combo has been my go to.

I usually never go on a coffee run. Mainly because there is only 1 coffeehouse within 10 minutes of my house… but also because I have to get up so dang early to get my daughter to school that I just don’t have time to. However, I did recently grab some mid-morning coffee the other day because of my husband.

He had to go to the store early a few days ago and went on an empty tank… of course… then didn’t fill up while he was out. This resulted in him, you guessed it, running out of gas and me having to go rescue him. I had to load up all the littles in the car then drive him to fill up the gas can that we have that also happened to be empty then back to his car so he could drive back home. Haha, it was an interesting morning, to say the least.

Then since I was already out, with all the kiddos, I figured I’d run through the coffee shop drive-through and grab a latte for me and him. Such a sweet wife, I know… haha!

Since I knew I had to get in and out of the car, I actually got dressed instead of going in my pajamas. Though what I dressed in isn’t too far from pajamas it still looks more presentable while being just as comfortable.

I just threw on these $10 leggings that I got a Costco this winter and one of my favorite tunic tops from Express. Topped it with a cute cardigan and threw on my fuzzy boots that I’ve had forever.

I’ve been really trying to “get dressed” lately even though I work from home and don’t necessarily need to and this outfit combo has been my go to. It’s still comfy & warm enough to sit at a desk writing and editing all day but presentable enough to head to the coffee shop or grocery store on a moment’s notice without worry.

If I ever run and grab coffee (or rescue my husband) again, you can bet this is what I’ll be wearing.

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