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Pink Pullover Sweater

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I just wanted to pop in quick and share the outfit that I wore over the weekend with you (and that I’m also wearing today… haha).

My brother finally came to visit me! After 9 years of living away from home, in 3 different states, countless times of me going back home to visit him, he finally made the trip here to visit me last weekend. Well, he didn’t really make the trip just to visit us, it was more of he was on a work trip close by and decided to stay the rest of the weekend and ride over to meet some of his nieces and nephews and hang out.

Unfortunately, the hubby had to work overnights while he was here for the 2 days but we made it work and had some fun anyway. On Saturday we took him to our favorite restaurant/brewery here and then the rest of the time just hung around the house.

This is what I wore to take him out to dinner… this beautifully soft H&M sweater that is also the perfect shade of pink and comes in 4 other colors. I said before that H&M has really stepped up their game with clothing quality and sizing and I still stand by it. I have bought about 4-5 different sweaters this season from them and love them all. There were only 2-3 that I ended up taking back because the arms were too short or the inside was itchy. Actually, the sweater I’m sharing next week is from H&M also.

Then I also caved and bought the infamous J.Crew Coat that everyone seems to have. I have been eyeing this coat for years and I finally pulled the trigger when it was 50% off recently. It runs super large so go down about 1-2 sizes from your regular if you plan on getting it. I love it so much, it’s thick, warm, and cozy but doesn’t look or feel like a parka. It’ll definitely be perfect for the semi-cold days (month?) that Dallas has in the “winter” time.

And finally my favorite pair of boots. I got these last year on clearance and ended up paying about $8 for them but I’m super stoked they brought them back this year. They are literally the most comfortable pair of boots that I own and wear them all the time. They are a little snug so size up 1/2 size.

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