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Ready for Spring

The past few weeks have been absolutely beautiful outside and I am so ready for spring. The flowers, the temperatures, and no snow.

The past couple days, actually, it’s snowed then rained then been sunny outside. It looks nice and warm and beautiful but then you open the door and it’s freezing and still about 30°-40° F out. Either way, more sunny days make me super happy and I hope that more of them are on the horizon soon.

My girlfriend and I got together just a couple weeks ago to take these pictures, when it was almost warm outside, and it had me wishing for more days like that.

This top is actually non-maternity that I found at Burlington in the beginning on my pregnancy but it has worked nicely for a spring transition top with it’s pretty pink color and the ruching on the sides has made it work well for my growing baby bump.

Since I’m unsure how the weather will be after I give birth next month, it’ll definitely stay in my postpartum wardrobe for a while since it is ruched on the sides which makes it super forgiving in the tummy area.

And I have to talk about this bag… OMG how much I absolutely love this bag. If you remember from my February Finds post when I found it. Originally I was super torn between the camel color and the cream color. I thought that the cream would be better because it would match more outfits but I’m so glad I went with the camel instead. The cream would have showed more dirt and spills from the kids than I would have wanted and I’ve actually been surprised that the camel goes with everything I have worn so far.

Granted my wardrobe currently is very small, I still have high hopes for this bag. It is perfectly big enough to carry around all the kids things that I need currently (until the new baby arrives) and my things plus more but not so big that it’s a chore to lift and hold.

I’m not huge on switching out bags often or with every outfit change (unless it’s a dinner date or some special occasion where I need a smaller purse) so when I do shop for something, I like to make sure that it will work for a long while before I get tired of it and want to switch to something new. And this bag does just that.

So you might just see this bag show up in a lot of posts from now until whenever that is… haha.

Anyway, this will be my last pregnancy/maternity style post before the baby is born. I keep a very small wardrobe when I’m pregnant because I don’t believe in buying all the things that I will only wear for just a few months. Plus, I feel huge and like a bus and not feeling the photos recently.

But! Be on the lookout for more style posts after I have this baby and begin to start dressing this postpartum, post-baby bod for the last time ever. I’ve also got a series in the works for how I plan to lose all this baby weight that I’ve gained from having 3 babies in less than 4 years – so be sure to check back for that or subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss a post!

Until then… check out what I’m going to be packing in my hospital bag and what my essentials are for recovering from a c-section.

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