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Rusty Red Sweater

This beautiful rusty red sweater is actually an Amazon find that I kept! I've been shopping on Amazon a lot more lately because it's super convenient.

How is it the middle of November already? Like, seriously, where did the year go? I swear every year goes by faster and faster.

But I digress…

I finally got my car back from the shop! It’s been 2 1/2 weeks since I’ve had my baby home and it’s so nice to have her back again and be able to leave for the grocery store. Haha, never thought I would say that.

Unfortunately, I am currently sitting at the dealership right now because the body shop did not do all the required repairs. They actually called me last week to pick it up but when I went there was bubbling in the paint and they hadn’t replaced the rim where the deer hit it. So I told them those things needed to be done properly and I left the car there. Well, they finally called back Monday to pick it up and those things were done but they didn’t calibrate my sensors and they didn’t do an alignment either. I mean, come on, you would think… hit a deer and have to replace entire right front end equals calibrate sensors and do alignment. Nope.

So here I am sitting at the dealership getting that done and it’s seriously been 3 hours. Like how does it take 3 hours, with an appointment, to calibrate sensors and do an alignment?

Anyway, since I’m stuck here I thought it would be a good idea to post what I’m wearing today. This beautiful rusty red sweater is actually an Amazon find that I kept! I’ve been shopping on Amazon a lot more lately because it’s super convenient but also mainly because of free shipping and returns. A lot of things that I find and buy end up going back but this red sweater was a keeper. The picture shows that it should have full length sleeves but that must be for someone really short and petite because for me it has 3/4 length sleeves. Which is actually perfect for when we move to a warmer climate. The material is still nice and thick and so soft and not itchy at all.

I was nervous ordering this color based off the picture you see because it looks more orange. However, when it arrived I was surprised that it’s more of a burnt red and definitely a deeper shade than the color depicts. I love it so much that I might actually go back and order another color… the tan one looks super pretty, too.

So I paired it with my new favorite jeans and boots and this Burberry scarf that the hubby bought me years ago. Throw on a black coat and you have a perfect outfit for a chilly winter day like today.

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