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School Pickup

This is my typical attire being it's still the middle of summer here. Short and tee's or tanks all the way!

We’re officially about a month into the new school year and I can’t believe it’s going by so fast already. It also seemed like summer was super short even though we actually had a little longer summer than normal because of the move.

Maybe it’s because this year we started school before Labor Day as opposed to the last few years when we didn’t start until after Labor Day?

Either way, my youngest is loving starting kindergarten. She has made a bunch of new friends already and talks about school constantly. She asks me every day if she has school the next day and when I tell her it’s the weekend she gets upset and sad. Haha, life of a 5 year old.

Now if only my 13-year-old would feel the same way!

Anyway, we walk to school every morning and afternoon because it’s so close. So this is my typical attire being it’s still the middle of summer here. Short and tee’s or tanks all the way!

Actually, normally in the morning I’m in leggings and a tank or my workout gear so I can get my workout done as soon as I get  home but after showering and getting ready for the day, this is a typical outfit.

These tees are my new favorite from Abercrombie and oh so soft. They have the perfect shape and drape nicely. They are also long enough for me to do a little front knot if I want.

Shorts are old from Aeropostale when I was shopping for my oldest daughter. They had a Buy 1 Get 2 Free sale so I couldn’t say no. I was actually preggo when I bought these and got the same ones in three different sizes for while I was losing weight after the baby. Girls gotta have options… haha!

Plus they are a midi length and not too short, which is my fav.

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