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Texas Y’all

I live in Texas, Ya'll!! It's still kind of surreal that I am saying that. I'll probably be saying that for at least a few months.

I live in Texas, Ya’ll!!

It’s still kind of surreal that I am saying that. I’ll probably be saying that for at least a few months.

Anyway this is the last in my not-intentional mini-series of love for graphic tanks. I didn’t even realize until I was looking over my photos that I took during the week that I noticed.

So like I said in my April #lovinglately post, I don’t normally gravitate towards red but I love the saying on this tank. I feel like I need to show my Texas pride now that I live here because I truly love it so much.

Honestly, I have no idea why I love it but I can see why everyone from here is so prideful. Everyone is also so friendly and nice that it just make it that much easier to fall in love. Coupled with the amazing weather we’ve had and that we live in big city with all the amenities but still in the quiet suburbs so I don’t feel the crazy hustle is amazing.

I don’t even know if I’m explaining it properly but whatevs. And I’m 100% sure that that are a million and one other reasons people love Texas but these are just my in initial thoughts.

It’s Saturday and we’re spending the whole day outside. The kids love being out here and running in the backyard with the dog. I’m just relaxing in the sun with a cocktail in hand. I think next week we’re going to be heading to my cousins house!

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