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I’ve never really been a big fan of white kitchens, however when we were house hunting a few months ago I knew that to get the type of house that we wanted there would need to be some compromise. I was just hoping it wouldn’t have to be the kitchen. Well, it ended up being the kitchen.

Quick Kitchen Makeover

Kitchen Before

We ended up with a completely white kitchen… but the rest of the house is amazing and that’s all that matters. It just means that I’ll have to hire a cleaning lady to come keep it clean because it shows all the little splatters, kids finger prints, and dog nose prints.

In an attempt to create a little color and make the kitchen not look so bare, I wanted to try and find some things to add to the upper cabinets and fill the void that is there. So, in a recent shopping trip to Chicago with the fam, we stopped at HomeGoods (my absolute favorite store!) and it just so happened that I found these amazing jugs on clearance. They were like $5 and $7 a piece.

Score! They will look absolutely perfect on the top of the cabinets.

Quick Kitchen Makeover

Of course, I cannot fill the entire top of the cabinets with various jugs… that would make it way to heavy and look too chunky. If that makes sense?

So instead I decided to add some plants in between the jugs to add a little greenery and just fill in all the empty space.

Quick Kitchen Makeover

Kitchen After

Looks nice! And as soon as the plants grow a little more, it’ll look even fuller and nicer. Plus, it’ll help make the kitchen not look so stark white.

Loving the quick little makeover. Now if I could only keep it as clean as it looks in the picture…

Probably not…

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