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Ultra High Capacity Portable Charger

Find it here:

Backup Plus Hub 6TB

Once you start taking photos for you blog or even just your life in general, you will need a place to store them all that isn’t on your computer hard drive. Your computer will fill up fast and you’ll soon find you’ll need more storage. This 6TB one is plenty of space to save thousands of photos.

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Creative Cloud Suite

You can use either Photoshop or Lightroom to edit your photos. Thankfully, Adobe has a bundle for only $10 per month that comes with both programs for you to use.

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Lighting Reflector/Diffuser Kit

When the sun is just a little too harsh, I’ll use this to soften it. Or if there isn’t enough sun or light from artificial lighting, I’ll use one of the other filters it comes with to bounce the light back onto the food I’m shooting. It’s the prefect size.

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Alta Pro 263AB Aluminum Tripod

I recently invested in this tripod and I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner. I absolutely love it. It’s a must heavier weight than my previous basic tripod but that makes it super sturdy and able to hold my camera for overhead shots or, if I’m shooting outside, while the wind is blowing hard without toppling over.

Find it here:

Extra Battery Pack

I am notorious for forgetting to check my battery level before taking the camera out with me. So I always make sure that I carry my spare battery, that is fully charged, in my bag in case I’m shooting and the camera dies.

Find it here:

Memory Card Case

You don’t want a bunch of memory cards just thrown into your bag or you might lose some of them. This case keeps them all in one spot and they’re protected.

Find it here:

Professional 64GB SD Cards

Because you can’t take pictures without them and these ones are fast and large enough for shooting 1080p video when I do the random food video post.

Find it here:

Professional Cleaning Kit for DSLR

Your camera is bound to get dirty and dust on it… that’s just what happens. This is the little tool-set I use to get it clean without scratching or ruining my lenses or camera body.

Find it here:

GorillaPod SLR

This is a fun little tripod that I stick in my backpack or purse for more long-exposure photography when I’m out and not feeling like lugging the giant tripod.

Find it here:

Wireless Shutter Remote Release

Want to take a selfie or get in the photo with your family or take a long exposure without risking camera shake… get a remote. It’s an intervalometer so you can set it to take multiple photos without having to push the button each time. Just set the time between each and press the play button.

Find it here:

Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II

With all the traveling we’ve been doing lately, I decided to invest in a better travel camera. I did a ton of research and this is the one I found and absolutely love. You can control it in manual mode and it takes amazing photos. Plus, it’s small enough to fit in my crossbody purse.

Find it here:

Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 Lens

This lens is everything. I loved taking photos with the 50mm but when I was out and about, I felt limited by the focal distance if I was in a tight space. Ever since getting this Sigma I have not felt limited in any way. Plus, it takes amazing photographs.

Find it here:

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens

Also known as the “nifty 50” this lens has a great price and a great first upgrade from the kit lens that comes with most cameras.

Find it here:

Canon Rebel T6i

I absolutely love this camera. It takes amazing photographs and also does full 1080p video recording for the off-chance that I actually record a recipe video.

Find it here:

Camera Backpack

After having another baby, carrying two purses/bags out all the time was getting a little cumbersome. So I took to Amazon again and found this little backpack that is great for keeping my hands free. It has a bunch of pockets and enough space for multiple camera bodies and lenses. And the sides also have elastic bands so you can attach a mini-tripod if you want.

Find it here:
jo totes

Gracie Camera Bag

The purse is perfect for carrying exactly what I need when just going out to shoot with friends, or shoot at a restaurant, or just do some street shooting. It has a ridiculous amount of pockets for all the little things and has padded bottom, sides, and inserts to protect your camera body and lenses. It comes with two straps: one for carrying crossbody and the other to carry as a regular purse.

Find it here:
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