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Summer Wardrobe Basics

Just the other month I wrote about some basic wardrobe essentials that I think everyone woman needs in her closet. Well, now that summer is here I thought it would…

Summer Wardrobe Basics -

Just the other month I wrote about some basic wardrobe essentials that I think everyone woman needs in her closet. Well, now that summer is here I thought it would be a good idea to do a follow-up post about summer wardrobe basics.

All the basics that I think you need in your closet to survive summer.

Summer Wardrobe Basics

I feel like summer might be one of the easiest seasons to dress for. Usually, it’s pretty warm outside so you don’t have to do much layering to make sure you’re comfortable.

However, that may lead to looking like you’re wearing the same outfit over and over again. Which, actually, is ok in my book but might not be for some.

On the flip side, layering is also something that can make the same shorts and tank look completely different. Mixing up your shoe choices is also a great way to take a your look up a notch.

So let’s get into it… all of my best summer wardrobe basics.

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Chambray and/or Boyfriend Button Up

This basic can be worn alone buttoned and tucked or half-tucked or layered over some tanks, tees, or dresses. You can also wear it with the sleeves down or roll them depending on the weather you have currently.

I have three chambray shirts – military green, light blue, and dark blue – and wear them all equally. My favorite one came from Old Navy this year but I also have one from Abercrombie and TJ Maxx. They are a must in my wardrobe.

I also have about 2-3 different boyfriend button-ups. The one that gets the most use is a grey striped one that I picked up at TJ but I also have a black check one that I love.

Layering Tanks

My hands-down favorite layering tanks come from Target… their A New Day basic tanks. They used to be Mossimo tanks, then they were Merona tanks, now they are A New Day brand but the cut, style, and softness have remained the same. You seriously do not want to know how many of these I own and yet I still continue to buy more every season they come out.

Hence the reason I know what all the brand names have been over the years. I seriously need all the colors and I even have a faded leopard print one from last fall that I love. However, you can really just get away with basic black, white, grey, and a favorite color of yours.

They are fitted so they layer beautifully under your chambray (or other button-up) but even look great on their own with just some shorts or crops. <– this is how I wear mine the most.

Everyday T-Shirts

Same concept as the tanks above but just with sleeves. Ha! You could go for a slouchy fit or more fitted if you prefer.

I’ve tried so many t-shirts over the years and they past year I think I finally found my holy grail – from Abercrombie. They are the perfect length, perfectly soft, not see through, and wash so well. I bought them in so many colors, it’s ridiculous but I wear them all the time. In the summer, if I’m not wearing a tank I’m wearing a tee.

I’m not a fan of layering tee’s just because I don’t like the way the sleeves feel when they get bunched under whatever I’m wearing. However, I do like to do either a side half-tuck or a side or front knot to give the outfit a little more interest.

Midi Shorts

Let’s be honest, I’m a mom of 4. There’s no way I’m fitting my big ‘ole bootay in a pair of shorty shorts and prancing around running errands. Thankfully they still make midi length shorts with at least a 3″ inseam or longer. I’m not a fan of longer than 5″ though.

My favorite ones come from American Eagle. I love those the best because they have a great amount of stretch and they hug my thigh a little more than some of the other brands out there.

But go with whatever makes you comfortable…shorty, midi, bermuda, mom shorts, whatever… shorts are a must in the summer.

Cropped/Ankle Jeans

Let’s be honest, no one really wants to wear full jeans in the summer. But you also can’t wear shorts all day, every day… or can you?

Crops are your friend for looking a little nicer than shorts but little more dressed down that a dress. You can wear them with a knotted tee and sandals or throw on a tank, boyfriend shirt, and wedges.

Luckily cropped skinny jeans are super in right now so you can find any wash just about anywhere. Some of my favorites come from Old Navy and Abercrombie.

Cute Sandals

Not just your average flip flops… but cute sandals that make you look a little more put together. I have a mild obsession with flip-flops and summer sandals (product of growing up in Florida?) so this department is another easy one for me.

I have all the colors of the rainbow but basic white or brown would be the best and go with everything.

Target has some of the best summer sandals out there and I actually just picked up three new pair last month. #dontjudge


I’m not sure why but I always switch to wedges in the summer instead of regular heels. I just think wedges scream summer and I love them so much. I have them in so many different colors and styles that I can always find something that works with what I’m wearing.

Wedges also dress up your outfit a little more and give you a little more height. Do a quick change from your sandals to wedges and your outfit is instantly elevated.

They also work perfectly with that flowy summer dress.

Flowy Summer Dress

This can be either a maxi dress, midi dress, or short dress, whatever you prefer. I like having flowy summer dresses on hand because it gives me something nice to throw on for a quick dinner and they’re extremely comfortable.

Flowy dresses are great for just about any occasion and you can dress them up with wedges or down with some cute sandals.

Plus, they’re flowy so you can stay mildly cool in the hot summer nights. I pick up most of my summer dresses at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s but Target also has some great ones and I occasionally find some fun ones on Amazon too.


I wear sunnies year round but especially in the summer. All day, every day. I do it mainly to protect my eyes but also not squinting in the sun helps not make wrinkles around my eyes.

Or so I’ve been told?

I also don’t understand how people can spend hundreds of dollars on sunglasses. Between me and my kids, my sunglasses get so beat up and even broken that I cannot spend that much on a pair.

I usually get mine at Target but I recently discovered DIFF and also QUAY glasses that are a little more pricey – like $50 per pair instead of $20 – but also a little better quality so they’ve lasted a little longer.

And there it is – my summer wardrobe basics! All the basics you need to rock your summer wardrobe. Hopefully this list will help you keep your wardrobe simple and streamlined and uncluttered.

Yay for summer!

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