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What's in My Camera Bag -

This post has been a long time coming. I get questions all the time from readers, friends, and family about what exactly I carry in my camera bag and what my essentials are.

What's in My Camera Bag

I do still consider myself a beginner photographer as there is always something new to learn about photography every day but I feel like I have definitely come a long way from picking up my first DSLR.

I am completely self-taught and everything I have learned thus far has been from either reading blogs, reading books, reading manuals, and mostly just getting my camera out and shooting almost every day. Getting to know your camera and then just getting out there to shoot is, I think, the best way to learn.

What's in My Camera Bag

So here we go… all the things that are in my camera bag when I'm out and about and also all the things I use at home when shooting food. And a few things I'd love to either upgrade to or what I'm lusting after.

Equipment When I'm Out:

Camera Purse

I was in the market for a camera purse for a long time and on a whim put this one from Jo Totes on my Amazon wish list then forgot about it. Well, the hubby must've looked at my wish list because I got it as a gift for Christmas a couple years back and I could not be more thrilled with it. It is perfect for carrying exactly what I need when just going out to shoot with friends, or shoot at a restaurant, or just do some street shooting. It has a ridiculous amount of pockets for all the little things and has padded bottom, sides, and inserts to protect your camera body and lenses. It comes with two straps: one for carrying crossbody and the other to carry as a regular purse. I use both equally so that's why I keep both straps attached but you can totally take one off or whatever. You can see more pictures of this bag here.

Camera Backpack

After having another baby, carrying two purses/bags out all the time was getting a little cumbersome. So I took to Amazon again and found this little backpack that is great for keeping my hands free so I can tend to the baby or whatever else I may need my hands for… haha. This little bag also fits perfectly in the under-basket of my stroller if I don't feel like carrying it. It has a bunch of pockets and enough space for multiple camera bodies and lenses. And the sides also have elastic bands so you can attach a mini-tripod if you want.

Canon Rebel T6i

I absolutely love this camera. I have had this one for about 2 1/2 years now and even though I keep thinking and lusting over a full-frame model, I just don't quite feel the need to do so. This camera is perfect for what I need it for and when I start feeling limited then I'll go ahead and upgrade. Till then… I'm good.

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens

This was my first non-kit lens purchase after getting more into photography. I still have this lens but ever since upgrading to the Sigma, I haven't had the need for this one. However, I still highly recommend this lens.

Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 Lens

This lens is everything. I love it so much and do not know what I did before I had this lens. I loved taking photos with the 50mm but when I was out and about, I felt limited by the focal distance on that one if I was in a tight space. Ever since getting this Sigma I have not felt limited in any way. Plus, it takes amazing photographs.


This is a fun little tripod that I stick in my backpack or purse for more long-exposure photography when I'm out and not feeling like lugging the giant tripod. This thing holds my current DSLR and Sigma without fear of it toppling over. I also love that I can wrap it around a bench or railing if needed.

Wireless Shutter Remote

The title says it all. Want to take a selfie or get in the photo with your family or take a long exposure without risking camera shake… get a remote. I've been using this remote since I started posting a few fashion posts and didn't have anyone to take pictures for me.

Wireless Remote Batteries

Just in case the batteries in the wireless remote die for any reason, it's good to have a backup.

Lens Filters – UV, CPL, and ND

I know there are better brands out there for lens filters but I bought these on a whim before a trip and they've turned out great for me. Until they crack or break I don't see myself needing new ones any time soon. I keep the UV filter on my lens at all times and then add or change out to the others when needed.

Lens Cleaning Kit

With littles running around, there are always bound to be some kind of smudge or dust or crumbs on my camera. Gotta keep my camera and lens clean.

SD Cards

Because you can't take pictures without them and these ones are fast and large enough for shooting 1080p video when I do the random food video post.

Memory Card Case

You don't want a bunch of memory cards just thrown into your bag or you might lose some of them. This case keeps them all in one spot and they're protected.

Extra Battery Pack

I am notorious for forgetting to check my battery level before taking the camera out with me. So I always make sure that I carry my spare battery, that is fully charged, in my bag in case I'm shooting and the camera dies. It's actually happened before and I was stuck without a battery. Ever since that incident, I don't leave home without a spare battery.

Equipment When I'm Home:


I used to take this everywhere with me and also use it every time I shot at home. It's definitely a great product for getting your white balance correct in the camera before shooting but I found it takes a little too much time to use when out and about and you have just a small window to get the shot you want. So now I just use it at home for food shots.

Amazon Basics Tripod

My parents bought me this tripod for Christmas one year when I was just getting into photography. It's served me well and I haven't had any issues with it so I'm keeping it until I absolutely need something that has different features.

Food Backgrounds

DIY Food Photo BackgroundsI have made all my own food background, so far, for the blog. I like to gets my hands dirty and try a good DIY every once in a while and being creative is fun.

You can see how I've made some of my backgrounds here.

Lighting Reflector/Diffuser Kit

When the sun is just a little too harsh, I'll use this to soften it. Or if there isn't enough sun or light from artificial lighting, I'll use one of the other filters it comes with to bounce the light back onto the food I'm shooting. It's the prefect size.

Equipment When I'm Traveling:

Under the Seat Bag

I use this to put my camera purse in and it also fits my laptop and laptop sleeve and anything else I need while on the plane. It allows me to carry everything I need on the plane with me instead of checking any of my equipment and risk it getting damaged. Unless I want to bring a tripod for any reason, then I'll put that in my checked luggage.


I finally got a new laptop! The hubby bought it for me for Christmas and I could not be more excited about it. It's one of the 2-in-1s so it has a drawing pen and folds open on itself so I can use it as a tablet when I want. I literally use this for everything blog related and the tablet/pen feature make it prefect for editing photos in Lightroom or Photoshop.

Laptop Sleeve

New laptop calls for a new sleeve to keep it safe. I don't need a new laptop specific bag because I already have one but I wanted a sleeve that I could use to put in any purse on the fly or put in my carry-on roller bag when I travel. This one is perfect and has a zipper pocket for the laptop pen and charger.

New! Miller Oversized Tote Bag

SOLE SOCIETY MILLER oversize toteI just bought this the other day and it's on the way so I haven't actually had the chance to try it yet, but it looks perfectly large enough to fit my laptop and my just my camera and 1 lens so I can grab and go quick if I need. Plus, it's gorgeous.

Lusting Over:

Canon 6D Mark II

Maybe one day but for now I'm super happy with what I already have. But then ya never know, maybe by that time they'll have a better model?

Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L or Sigma Equivalent

I've been wanting this lens for as long as I've had my T6i but just cannot, yet, justify the cost. Plus with the crop factor of my current camera body and the current sigma lens, I am getting close to the same focal distance already. Maybe if and when I upgrade my body then I'll upgrade the lens to go with it. Oh that's going to be an expensive day… haha, ouch.

Vanguard Alta Pro Tripod

If I ever get into shooting more videos or my other tripod decided to kick the bucket then maybe I'll upgrade to this tripod, but until then it'll stay in my Amazon wish list. Unless the hubby decided to buy it for me like he did my purse?

So, there you have it. Everything I use (currently) for my photography. Is there something on this list I missed? Or something that you highly recommend I try? I'd love to hear it!

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