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Wine Cork Candle Holders

Updated: November 19, 2014

What do you do with all those wine corks that you save? Or don’t you save wine corks?

I have been saving corks for years thinking that someday I would make something out of them. The corks have been prominently displayed in a nice glass vase on the counter in the kitchen since inception.

When the vase started to overflow, I decided it was finally time to do something with all the corks I have collected.

Wine Cork Candle Holders

So, I made some sweet candle holders with them. Or should they be called, “I drink a lot of wine candle holders?” We’ll go with the latter… because that’s what people say when they see them even though I have had a lot of some help from friends and family.

I had these hurricane candle holders sitting on my mantle with just some candles stuck inside.

Lame, I know. So I decided to dress them up a little and use them for the cork candle holders.

Wine Cork Candle Holders

I stopped in the candle section of Meijer while I was grocery shopping the other day to find some candles to put inside and I scored these on clearance! I’m such a bargain shopper.

Wine Cork Candle Holders

Then I just came home and filled the bad boys up with corks and candles. I filled each of them about halfway and then put the candles inside and finished adding corks around the candles to complete.

Wine Cork Candle Holders

It seriously took me less than 15 minutes for the whole project and they look so much better on the mantle than being just plain. Plus, now people think I have a drinking problem… awesome!

Wine Cork Candle Holders

No, they really don’t but they are a good conversation piece now when people come over.

Wine Cork Candle Holders

Whatcha think? I think they turned out pretty well and only cost me $2 to make…not including all the wine drinking that had to go down before hand. Or if you’re not a wine drinker you can find corks in just about any craft store or on eBay or at your local restaurant. These would make  gorgeous (and inexpensive) centerpieces for a wedding or wine and cheese party or just everyday sitting on the mantle like I have.

With all this talk about wine, what’s your favorite?

My absolute favorite is Red Velvet by Cupcake Vineyards.

What are your thoughts?

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