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Recently updated on November 11, 2018
Best Websites for FREE Stock Photos -

As much as I love photography, it’s not feasible for me to take every single photo for the blog. Especially for the lifestyle and fitness content. I’m already a very busy mom as it is and doing that would just add to my ever lengthening to-do list.

Back when I first started blogging and I was writing aforementioned post, I would just google search for an image related to the post topic and then copy and paste it into the blog post.

Best Websites for FREE Stock Photos


It wasn’t until after I received a bill from a stock photography website for over $700 for unauthorized use of the photo that I realized the error in my ways.


Just because you can google a photo to find something does not mean that you can then take it and use it as your own, for free. That photo belongs to someone, somewhere and is copyrighted to that photographer. See: content copyright here.

Grabbing that perfect image from google may seem harmless, especially if you’ve seen it used all over the web, but it can hurt your blog and business in a big way… like it did mine. I didn’t just have $700 laying around to pay but had to, regardless, because I broke the copyright laws.

Immediately, I took down all the images that were not mine and was then left with blah and boring posts. I needed a way to find royalty-free images that were free to use on my blog without the risk of breaking copyright laws.

Don’t do what I did to yourself of the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

Since that fateful incident, I took back to the innerwebs to see if there were sites that offered free stock photos to use for some of the posts on my blog.

Enter Free Stock Photo Sites… lifesaver!

These sites are all my personal favorites and that I scour each and every time I need that perfect blog photo for my post… and none of them disappoint. All of them offer gorgeous stock photography, royalty-free, for use on your blog or website.

So go ahead and find that perfect photo for yourself…

There you have it! The best websites for free stock photos!

Do you have any favorites you love that I might’ve missed?! Let me know in the comments below and I’ll be sure to update the list!

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  1. Hi,
    Nice article. Please also check out for thousands of unique public domain photos all categorized by location so its great for travel websites. I also have animals by species and plants by species as well. It is updated regularly with more photos. Appreciate it if you could add it to your list.

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