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Easy Ways to Elevate Mom-Style

It has been ridiculously easy lately to slip into the habit of leggings and tee all day, every day. With the global pandemic and everyone staying at home as much…

Easy Ways to Elevate Mom-Style -

It has been ridiculously easy lately to slip into the habit of leggings and tee all day, every day. With the global pandemic and everyone staying at home as much as possible, me included, it just doesn’t feel like there’s a point to getting dressed anymore.

I mean, I don’t even put on jeans to go to the store anymore. Still throw on those trusty leggings and tee. Then I even buy more when I’m out so I don’t have to do laundry so often. Haha!

Ugh…it’s just a vicious cycle. The mom style rut. We’re all guilty of it.

Easy Ways to Elevate Mom-Style -

However, it’s good to get out of the rut every once in a while. You also don’t have to lose the comfort of leggings to try and be more stylish or feel more put together.

Super stretchy jeans and oversized tops are trendy right now and prefect for making you feel just a little better when you’re running to the same grocery store over and over again.

However, if you still don’t feel like getting dressed, here’s a few easy ways to elevate that mom-style and feel just a little more put-together.

Change Your Top

Instead of reaching for the same baggy tee shirt over and over again, try an off shoulder tee or cropped sweater. Of course, the cropped sweater can be paired with some high-waist leggings so you’re not showing off your tummy if you don’t want to. The off-should tee with a cute bralette underneath gives that boring old tee a little more pizzazz.

Crazy but true! My hubby thinks I look way more dressed up when I’m wearing an off-shoulder tee then I am a regular one.

Upgrade Your Leggings

Black gets boring after a while so change up the color and pattern if you’re not feeling jeans just yet. Try some moto leggings or faux leather leggings. Or just find some that are muted colors – like deep purple, navy blue, or maroon.

If you’re really feeling up to it, grab a pair of super stretchy jeggings that are basically jeans made to feel like leggings. So stretchy and comfy!

Blow It Out

I’ve always felt that the one things that can make or break a look is your hair. If your hair is blah, then your whole look is too. Carve out some time to head to the salon and get a fresh cut and blow out. Or just take some time at home to care for your locks.

Give yourself a deep shampoo and condition and blowout at home. You wear your hair everyday so make sure to give it some love too.

Change Your Shoes

Second to hair is shoes, for me. I love shoes but I do find myself reaching for the same old grummy pair over and over again. They’re comfy, worn in, and always right at the door because I wear them every day.

Grab some new ones at TJ Maxx or Target that are just as comfy. Or shop your own closet and change the pair at the front door with a pair in the closet.

Use a Real Purse

This was one thing that I always did with my kids when they were small and I used  diaper bag. I would still always carry my own purse. Yes, most of the time the purse would be shoved in the diaper bag but it was still my own.

Then when I didn’t have the kids (which was hardly ever) I would still have my own purse instead of a giant diaper bag to tote around. Just pull it out of the bag and ready to go!

There’s all my tips for easy ways to elevate mom-style when you’re stuck in a rut. What are some of your tricks?

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