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Frozen Caramel Frappuccino

5 mins
2 servings
Need a little pick-me-up but don't want to head to the local coffee drive-thru? Make this frozen caramel frappuccino at home instead!
Frozen Caramel Frappuccino

Need a little pick-me-up but don't want to head to the local coffee drive-thru? Make this frozen caramel frappuccino at home instead!

Frozen Caramel Frappuccino

I’m a huge coffee drinker… case in point this gallon jug of homemade iced coffee. Yes, that happened. And it usually lasts less than a week. Is that terrible that I might go through a gallon of coffee in a week??

If it is, then I don’t want to be right! haha

Anyway, my love for coffee only started after I got old enough to truly enjoy it. You wouldn’t catch me drinking it when I was younger unless it had loads of cream and sugar making it taste nothing at all like coffee but rather more like a giant glass of sugar water.


Looking back, I now see the error in my ways.

I now enjoy my coffee either black or with a little creamer, just to make it change color, and no sugar. Or I make it into fun drinks like this frozen caramel frappuccino.

Frozen Caramel Frappuccino

Now, I’ve been using unsweetened almond milk in my protein shakes for years and recently stumbled across Silk Almond Milk Creamer on my trip to my local Walmart and decided to give it a try instead of my regular creamer.

I was pleased to find that the flavor and texture were spot on and I could definitely see myself permanently replacing my daily creamer with the Silk Almond Creamer.

As I could see, it currently only comes in three flavors: Vanilla, Caramel (the one I bought), and Hazelnut. Which is perfect because I usually only buy the unsweetened vanilla creamer, anyway.

Frozen Caramel Frappuccino

With all that, I set out to try and recreate one of my favorite coffeehouse drinks because there are no delish coffeehouses here were I am. The hubs only drinks iced or frozen coffee so I knew this one would be a hit with him too.

Since I already did one with mocha, it seemed perfect to do one with caramel since I had that in the fridge and the Silk Caramel Creamer was what I purchased.

It turned out tasting just as though it came from you favorite coffee house but now you can enjoy it at home! These will definitely be made more often with that giant gallon of iced coffee I make from time-to-time.

Frozen Caramel Frappuccino

Frozen Caramel Frappuccino

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Need a little pick-me-up but don’t want to head to the local coffee drive-thru? Make this frozen caramel frappuccino at home instead!
Yield 2 servings
Prep Time 5 mins
Total Time 5 mins




  • Add all ingredients into blender and blend in high until desired consistency is reached. Pour into glass and top with whipped cream and more caramel sauce.
  • Serve immediately.
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This Post Has 14 Comments

  1. This frappuccino definitely looks coffee-shop worthy…and it sounds delicious! I still want my hot cup o’ joe in the morning, but I could see this one becoming an afternoon snack…maybe today! #client

  2. Love this Jennifer – there’s nothing like an iced coffee for an afternoon pick-me-up!

    1. It was really good! Surprising because I’ve tried other almond milk type things in my creamer and they were gross. This is something I can see myself using everyday.

  3. I’ve been seeing coffee drinks and milkshakes like this ALL over NYC. Yours looks incredible. I’ve finally been getting into the almond milk thing. I love adding it to my smoothies!

  4. I’m a huge fan of coffee as well – in fact, I drink way too much of it. In our house, Silk is the only ‘milk’ product we buy regularly. I could easily make this coffee with the things I already have on hand. Those are my favourite type of recipes!

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