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Stacking Bins

I use these bins in my house just about everywhere. I have some in my coat closet for winter hats, gloves, and such. I have some under my sink vanity to hold extra makeup, face products, hair products, hair tools. These are the best.

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Shoe Rack

I finally found a shoe rack that is tall enough between the shelves that it fits all my high-heel shoes! I also love how the shelves are angled down so you can see what shoes you have in there.

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Wall Mount Jewelry Mirror

I love this wall mount jewelry mirror! It’s so big and has tons of space for everything. It also comes with hanging hooks so you can hang it on your door but I chose to mount mine on the wall in my closet and it’s perfect.

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Plastic Clip Hangers

Nothing fancy to hang my crop pants, shorts, and skirts… just some plain-ole hangers that you can find at any store. Only these come in a 50 pack so I don’t have to ask the store to let me keep theirs.

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Velvet Hangers

These are my favorite velvet hangers! They have a drop shoulder design so you can hang your sweaters or other easily stretchable clothing on them without indenting the clothing. Since I hang literally all my clothes, these are a must.

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Hanging Baskets

I use these baskets in my pantry and in my closet. They add so much more room to my pantry and in my closet I use them to hold my scarves and my bralettes and sports bras.

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S Hooks

I have a small closet but a weird rack placed super high on the wall. I use these hooks to hang my purses on that really high rack and keep them off the floor.

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Boot Shapers

After organizing my closet, I needed something to help hold my boots up so they wouldn’t fall over. These do the job perfectly and they look cute too!

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Fire TV Stick

I love my Fire stick! I mainly use it for streaming my workouts from Beachbody on Demand but I also use it for the kids to watch movies for Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon prime shows. I don’t know what I did before this thing!

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